Fake It ‘Til You Make It With Predesigned Press Ons

I’m totally obsessed with these predesigned press ons. It would take me all day to do these designs myself, and they wouldn’t look nearly as good!

Get Glam Holiday Nails With The Sinful Colors Conjured Color Collection

The Sinful Colors Conjured Color Collection is not only perfect for chic Halloween nails, but there’s some gorgeous shades included for glam holiday nails!

DIY Press On Stiletto Nails

After not wearing fake nails for 15 years, I decided to get a little fancy for NYFW and try me some Press On Stiletto Nails. Now I’m feeling myself like Bey lol.

Try A DIY Gel Manicure & Save Your Coins For Holiday Shopping

I usually don’t get gel manicures very often. But the DIY Gel Manicure has changed my manicure life. All while saving me some coins #winning

OCC Pool Boy

OCC Pool Boy is an opaque, aquatic blue creme. The name is perfect as it reminds of a tropical pool on a beautiful Summer day.

D.I.D. Nail Paint Eden

D.I.D. Nail Paint Eden is the perfect green, like freshly cut grass on a beautiful Summer day. I can’t stop reaching for it.

Nails Inc. Gel Effect Baker Street

Y’all know us Zeta ladies love our Royal Blue. And Nails Inc. Gel Effect Baker Street Nail Polish is thee PERFECT Royal Blue.

Nails Inc. Palace Gardens Nailkale Polish

I can’t really speak on the benefits of having kale extract in your nail polish. But I can attest to how gorgeous Nailkale Palace Gardens is.

Sinful Colors A-Crush From The Class Act Chalkboard Diaries Collection

When I saw Sinful Colors A-Crush from the Chalkboard Diaries Collection, I just knew that I had to have this gorgeous cornflower blue demi-matte.