Milani Limited Edition Texture Creams Nail Lacquers

Texture polish is the new wave in nail trends. Every brand is coming out with a version. The latest to hit the shelves is the Milani Texture Creams.

Milani Texture Creams Texture Polish

Texture polish is the new wave in nail trends. Every brand is coming out with their own version and the latest to hit the shelves is Milani’s Limited Edition Texture Creams. The Texture Creams come in six bright & vibrant shades that dries down to a matte finish with a textured look and feel. Makes me think of freshly painted concrete.

Milani Texture Creams Nail Lacquer

Milani Texture Cream Yellow Mark

Yellow Mark,  bright vibrant true primary yellow

Milani Texture Cream Aqua Splash

Aqua Splash, aqua blue with slight green undertone

Milani Texture Cream Spoiled in Fuchsia

Spoiled In Fuchsia, fuchsia pink

Milani Texture Creams Nail Lacquer

Milani Texture Cream Purple Streak

Purple Streak, deep purple with red undertone

Milani Texture Cream Tainted In Red

Tainted In Red, bright orange-based red

Milani Texture Cream Shady Gray

Shady Gray, dark concrete gray

When I first started swatching these I was kind of on the fence and my boyfriend said they looked creepy lol. But as they dried down the Texture Creams grew on me. I had to laugh myself at Yellow Mark because it makes your nails look like lemons as the color and texture is spot on. I really love the way Spoiled in Fuchsia and Tainted in Red looks and the names are so cute. I think that textured nails look really cool on short nails like mine are at the moment but I do think that it would look really creepy on longer nails. Maybe I’m bugging. Anyway these are going to be all the rage this Summer and Spring and the colors are perfect for the seasons.

You really have to apply these in thin coats and let each one dry good as you will end up with wet spots that take forever to dry if you don’t. In my swatches you can see a few wet spots and some spots where I touched my nails and messed it up a little. They were pretty easy to remove but then again my nails were still slightly wet. I assume that they would be similar to glitters and a little tough to remove, Milani suggests letting a remover soaked cotton ball sit on it for 20-30 seconds for easy removal. All of these were swatched with two coats, no base or top coats.

Milani Limited Edition Texture Creams retail at $4.99 each and may be purchased at Meijer, Walgreens and other locations that carry Milani, and may also be purchased online at If you spot them please leave a comment saying where so others may find them too. Thanks in advance guys! 🙂

How do you feel about Texture polish, love it or leave it alone?

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  1. I saw these in Walgreen’s but ended up passing on them even though I wanted to try them out. I think textured nails are cool but I don’t think I would want all of my nails to be that texture. I might go back and pick up a couple of the shades to play around with. I think I would probably just do an accent finger with this texture and maybe some other nail art. 🙂

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