My Top Ten 2020 Beauty Favorites

The good thing about staying at home? Pampering myself with new products and revisiting old faves. These 2020 Beauty Favorites were chosen as a result.

4 Easy Steps To Bring Dry Natural Hair Back To Life

Dealing with dull, lifeless, dry natural hair, and your products not working as usual? Here’s four easy steps to give your hair life.

This Is What I Use To Get Glowing Skin All Year Round

Sometimes the change in seasons can be harsh on the skin. Causing it to be dull, dry & lacking any luster. In comes glow mist.

How The Pandemic Permanently Changed My Makeup Routine

Now that outside is open and I actually have to leave the house, I’ve made some major changes in how I beat my face. Here’s my post pandemic makeup routine.

Short Tapered TWA Haircut & Style Tutorial On 4C Natural Hair

I finally got tired of walking around looking raggedy, so I cut my hair. I filmed a Short Tapered TWA Tutorial for y’all in the process.

This Quarantine Skincare Routine Has My Skin Clear & Glowing

Although I haven’t been very consistent and skip a few days at a time, this quarantine skincare routine has my skin clear & glowing.

8 Lightweight Foundations That Let Your Melanin Shine Through

Cake face is out & barely there makeup that lets your skin shine through is in. Here are my favorite lightweight foundations for dark skin.

15 Tapered Cut Hairstyles For 4C Natural Hair

Gorgeous Tapered Cut Hairstyles for 4C natural hair. From super short to full on ‘fro, all styled using a variety of techniques.

The Products I’ll Be Adding To My Fall Skincare Routine

Now that Fall is in the air it’s time to update my skin arsenal as my skin has different needs. Here’s what I’ll be adding to my Fall Skincare Routine.