Upgrade Your Vanity With A Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you're struggling with light, then I'd highly suggest that you add an LED lighted makeup mirror to your vanity. It's a game changer!
Upgrade Your Vanity With A Lighted Makeup Mirror

Your sis is moving on up. Not only do I now have my own bedroom, I also finally have space for a dedicated beauty area. I had to share a desk as both my vanity and office nook in my small NYC apartment. But those days are done. My new bedroom is huge. I have an entire corner designated as my home office. And I was able to squeeze in a vanity under the window. I get amazing natural light during the day since my vanity is under a window. Now nighttime is another story. So I recently upgraded my lighted makeup mirror to a larger one and it’s been absolutely game changing. I can see so much better when beating my face. If you’re struggling with light, then I’d highly suggest that you get an LED lighted makeup mirror for your vanity as well.

Bedroom Vanity LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


Before I give y’all the deets on my mirror, let’s take a closer look at my desk. I used this Parson’s desk for my vanity as it matches the rest of the decor in my bedroom. The golden stool made the cut from my old apartment, and it pairs perfectly with the gold floor lamp to add a dose of glam and additional lighting to my beauty area.

LED Lighted Makeup Mirror For Bedroom Vanity


This LED Lighted Makeup Mirror illuminates my space so that I’m able to see in low light. Coupled with my floor lamp, it’s an ideal lighting setup. The brightness is adjustable and the mirror has three temperature settings- warm, cool and neutral. It also has a USB charging port along with a removable phone holder. The chic design fits right in with my minimalist decor.

Vanity Tour Stackable Acrylic Makeup Organizer


Cube storage makes it easy to make space on your desk for a large lighted makeup mirror. I used to hoard collect makeup and required an entire Ikea Helmer, along with desk space to store it all. I’ve since downsized and now have a minimalist-ish makeup collection. The majority of my products are stored in this these stackable acrylic makeup organizers and the bottom drawers are just lash supplies. This gives you an idea of how small my collection is compared to what it used to be.

Gold Makeup Storage Tray

The rest of my makeup is stored on top of the acrylic organizers in this small golden tray. Aside from some setting powders and extra lashes that I store in my desk drawer.

Makeup Brush Storage

My makeup brushes are stored in this recycled candle jar on my desktop. I plan to get a covered container in the near future to protect them from germs and dust.

Vanity Tour Decor


A new mirror will instantly enhance your vanity decor. But adding some complimentary pieces will take it to the level. Although my apartment decor is minimalist, I elevate my space with eye-catching pieces to keep it from looking too sterile. I couldn’t help but grab this booty candle from Primark as the shape reminds me of my own. In addition to decorative pieces, I also use plants to elevate my decor and have about twenty three placed throughout my apartment. My Bird of Paradise is the star of the show…

Bird of Paradise Bedroom Decor

Watch my Vanity Tour + Minimalist-ish Makeup Collection Video for an up close and personal look at my vanity and my ENTIRE makeup collection. I’m also showing how I set up my LED lighted makeup mirror.


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