This ’90s Lip Combo Has Me In A Chokehold. Again.

I thought I'd left this lip combo behind after graduating high school. But here I am wearing it again every time I step out.
This 90s Brown Lip Liner & Gloss Lip Combo Has Me In A Chokehold. Again.

I’ve come to the realization that brown lip liner and gloss has been my go-to lip combo for the past three years… ever since I started going out and wearing makeup again once the masks were off. I don’t see myself straying away anytime soon. So it’s time to come to terms with the the fact that this combo has me in a chokehold. This may be surprising as I’m known for wearing stand out lip colors that us melanated beauties were told wasn’t for us. Like red, bright orange and black. But that wasn’t always the case. I’m actually right back where I started.

See, dark brown lip liner paired with metallic taupe, or clear lipgloss was my go-to look in high school. That’s after retiring black lip liner. It was the “it look” for all of the brown girls. My momma included. The brown lip liner and gloss ’90s lip combo has been trending again since the beginning of this decade. This time around the girlies are wearing more of an ombré lip though. Back then there was more of a stark contrast between the liner and gloss, and we wore our lip liner on the dark side. I thought I’d left this look behind after graduation. But here I am wearing it again every time I step out (opting for the toned down, ombré look, which I prefer.) Hence, this is a full circle moment for me.

To achieve this look, pair the Sephora Retractable Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Molasses with the Fenty Beauty Hot Chocolit Gloss Bomb. This lip combo looks so good together and can be worn for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to the mall or out on the town. I recently tried the NYX Line Loud Lip Liner in Rebel Kind and have been alternating between this pencil and the Sephora pencil. The two shades are very similar and both pencils perform basically the same. But I prefer the Sephora liner as it’s retractable and therefore more convenient on the go.

I’ll definitely be wearing this lip combo come Spring and straight through Summer. Although I do plan to pair my brown lip liners with a few more nude lip glosses in my collection that have been sitting untouched and catching dust. Can’t have them getting jealous. Watch my Minimal Makeup Look Tutorial to see how I achieve the rest of my look.


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