These Press-On Falsies Are So Easy To Apply, No Glue Necessary

I'm in love and will forever keep a set of these KISS imPress Press-On Falsies in my arsenal. They're a game changer!
These Press-On Falsies Are So Easy To Apply, No Glue Necessary

I’m late to the game… But I just had to share these lashes with y’all as they’re a game changer. I don’t wear strip lashes often as most of the time they are too long for my eyes and require some snipping. Generally, I wear individual lashes for special occasions since I’m able to do them myself. Coupled with the fact that they last a few weeks, they’re usually worth the effort. But sometimes I lose A LOT of lashes upon removal. It’s not worth it since my natural lashes are already sparse to begin with. So I basically just wear a really good mascara and call it a day. That’s until these KISS imPress Press-On-Falsies came into my life.

KISS imPress Press-On Falsies Review

The KISS imPress Press-On Falsies are pre-bonded lash clusters that apply easily, without the use of glue. So no mistakes. No mess. Nope. None of that. The kit includes 20 lash clusters along with an application tool. You simply use the included tool to pluck a cluster from the tray and apply it under your lashes. Then squeeze the clusters and your natural lashes together with the applicator. That’s it. That’s all. The finished look is practically invisible.

How To Easily Apply Faux Lashes

The lashes are supposed to stay put for up to 24 hours and I find this claim to be true. Just don’t use an oil-based eye makeup remover or it’s a wrap. I was able to sleep in these lashes and wear them for an additional day. The kit has more than enough lash clusters for fill-ins in case you lose a few in your sleep.

Press-On Lashes

I’m wearing the Natural Press-On Falsies. For a barely there look, I only apply three clusters to the outer half of my eyes to add a little volume on my no makeup days. I’m in love and will forever keep a set of these lashes in my arsenal. Watch my quick press-on falsies tutorial to see how easy they are to apply.

The KISS imPress Press-On Falsies are available at KISS, Amazon, Target, Walmart & Ulta $16.99 $14.79


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