Jazzing Rinse Bluest Black On Natural Hair

I Used A Color Rinse On My Natural Hair. Here’s How It Turned Out.

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I finally decided to add some color to my natural hair. Well a temporary color rinse. And I filmed the entire process for y'all. Come see!
How To Do A Color Rinse On Natural Hair

I finally decided to add some color to my natural hair. Well a temporary color rinse. What can I say… the stray gray hairs got the best of me. The Clairol Professional Jazzing Semi-Permanent Hair Color Rinse has been my go to for adding color to my hair since I was in high school. I had blonde streaks and would use Plum, Cherry Cola and Red Hot to achieve different fun looks. Then I let the blonde grow out after college and switched to using Bluest Black when I rocked a Pixi Cut . Bluest Black is so bomb- a jet black with a navy blue tint that shows up in sunlight. I decided to go back to this color for my Tapered TWA as it will work best with my minimalist chic style & wardrobe. You guys know that I don’t let anyone else touch my hair. So of course I did the color myself and it came out sooo good! I filmed the entire process for y’all in case you guys want to attempt to color your own hair. Watch my video


One thing I noticed is that the color is reverting quickly on the areas of my edges that I gel down every day. That’s probably because I wash the gel off in the shower every night to avoid product build up and flaking. This is something to keep in mind as these areas may need a color refresh more often. Otherwise, the rinse has been wearing well on the rest of my hair. But I haven’t washed it yet. We will see how that goes this weekend.



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2 Responses

  1. Very pretty!!! I used to use Jazing too. Same as you, back in the day, tried and true!
    Maybe, I’ll try it again. Can you give us an update on how it worked out with the grays? I’ve got a few sprouting and that’s why I use the permanent color, but I really would like something a little less harsher.

    Did you get your nose pierced? I saw the pictures of your son and you at Swingz and you both had nose rings. Very nice. I’ve been thinking about it.

    1. Hey sis. The Jazzing covered my gray hairs pretty well. But it faded fast around the edges since I wash off the gel every day. I’ve since cut my hair down shorter and rinsed again. I’ve noticed that it didn’t completely cover my gray patch in the front like I initially thought. I was fooled because the patch is kind of hidden when my hair is longer. It covers well enough for me though. I really don’t want to do permanent color. But we will see.

      My son and I both have fake nose rings. He is definitely planning to get a real piercing. I’m considering getting mine pierced once it’s safe to go without a mask, as I really love the look. Until then I’ll continue to fake it until I make it lol

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