Ricky’s NYC RickyColor Nail Polish Collection

Ricky's NYC has a new line of nail polish. The RickyColor Collection consists of 17 shades with names inspired by NYC. Come get a closer look.

Ricky's NYC RickyColor Nail Polish

Ricky’s NYC discontinued their Mattese Elite line of products last year and since then has had the products on clearance and BOGO to clear inventory. The line included makeup brushes along with makeup and nail polish. The brushes were replaced with a new line, Ricky’s Paintbrush and the nail polish has a new line as well, RickyColor. The RickyColor Collection consists of 17 shades of Nail Polish, a Mattifying Base & Top Coat, a Color Intensifying Top Coat, a Speed Dry Top Coat and a Nail Primer. The shade names were inspired by NYC and Ricky’s says “There’s a RickyColor for everyone”…


“For the Unpaid Interns, living in a Fifth Floor Walkup and buying 5 Dollar Pashminas and Canal St. Knockoffs on the corner. For the Waiter/Actor/Models, starring in some Off Off Broadway production that has those annoying flyers in every Post No Bills area. For the PR party girls who live for Fleet Week and are lucky enough have a Rent Controlled apartment – but STILL manage to have Insufficient Funds. For the lucky few who can take a Summer Friday and get great seats for Shakespeare in the Park. For the average New Yorker whose idea of fine dining is a hot dog at a Grade Pending dive or a late night Bodega Run (with that annoying Soda Tax). And for our Bridge and Tunnel friends from across the pond (the Hudson River) who always get suckered in to taking Gypsy Cabs.”

Ricky's NYC RickyColor Nail Polish Collection

The nail polish retails at $6.50 each or 2 for $10 while the treatments are $9 a pop.

"RickyColor Nail Polish"

Shakespeare in the Park, Fleet Week, Unpaid Intern, Post No Bills, Summer Friday, Rent Controlled

"RickyColor Nail Polish"

Insufficient Funds, Bridge and Tunnel, Grade Pending, Waiter/Actor/Model, Gypsy Cab, Bodega Run

RickyColor Nail Polish Swatches

Top: Waiter/Actor/Model, 5th Floor Walkup, Shakespeare in the Park, Five Dollar Pashmina, Off Off Broadway,

Insufficient Funds

Bottom: Soda Tax, Summer Friday, Rent Controlled, Post No Bills, Canal Street Knockoff, Bodega Run


Unpaid Intern, Summer Friday, Rent Controlled, Canal Street Knockoff, Post No Bills, Insufficient Funds


Gypsy Cab, Bridges and Tunnels, Off Off Broadway, Gypsy Cab (matte top coat), 5th Floor Walkup, Soda Tax


Waiter/Actor/Model, Bodega Run, Grade Pending, Five Dollar Pashmina, Fleet Week, Shakespeare in the Park

A few of the shades may be mixed up as they were not labeled and I was going off the bottles and online swatches. Overall there is a nice range of shades. My favorites are Fleet Week and Grade Pending.


Art Start Nail Polish Primer is supposed to make colors pop more especially neons which usually needs a white base coat to show true to color.


Ricky's NYC RickyColor Nail Polish Collection

Ricky’s even has this cute little subway car to house your polishes when you buy 6. If you are not located in NYC no worries as you can purchase the RickyColor Nail Polishes on rickysnyc.com. Can’t wait to see what the new makeup line looks like as I’m assuming one will be coming soon!

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