DIY Press On Stiletto Nails

After not wearing fake nails for 15 years, I decided to get a little fancy for NYFW and try me some Press On Stiletto Nails. Now I'm feeling myself like Bey lol.

DIY Press On Stiletto Nails

I don’t do fake nails. I stopped wearing them almost 15 years ago. After that I wore acrylic on my own nails thinking that was better. But it left my nails paper thin to the point that washing my hands burned my nail bed. It took me months to get my natural nails back to optimal health. Ever since I’ve been wearing regular old manicures, with the occasional gel manicure for vacation. But press on nails are back. And I’ve been seeing everyone bragging about the convenience of Press On Stiletto Nails, and the fact that they don’t cause damage to the natural nail. So I decided to get fancy for NYFW and try me some.

EC Basket Press On Stiletto Nails

I opted for these Clear Press On Stiletto Nails that I could polish myself. They are not press on like old school press ons, but require nail glue to attach. Yet they are just as easy to apply. I simply fitted the nails to my own until each one had a match. Buffed the surface of my nails to make it a little rough before applying a dot of glue. Then I spread the glue over the nail bed, and attached the fake nail. I filed the nails to smooth the shape and that’s it. Easy peasy.

EC Basket Press On Stiletto Nails

I wanted something chic for my NYFW festivities. But didn’t have the time to try my hand at designs. So I opted for my favorite shade of polish- Royal Blue. I used Sinful Colors Endless Blue with Butter London Disco Nap on my ring and middle fingers to jazz it up. I absolutely love the way my nails turned out. Press On Stiletto Nails Butter London Disco Nap

It’s funny how I used to hate stiletto nails when they first started trending, without even trying them. Now after trying it for myself I adore them. They look so retro and really elongate the fingers. Guess it’s true what they say, don’t knock it until you try it. It’s been 6 days since I applied my Press On Stiletto Nails and they are still going strong. I’ve had a few pop off and I simply glue them right back on. With the exception of one that I lost and just did over. I used a different glue when reapplying and it seems to hold stronger. I was even able to do a client’s hair without any popping off. So for the most part they wear well.

Press On Stiletto Nails Sinful Colors Endless Blue

It looks like my Press On Stiletto Nails will last me until the end of NYFW. They were so easy to apply, and they’re extremely convenient to wear. I love that I don’t have to commit to them. And they come off easy without damage to my natural nails. I’ve been feeling myself like Bey with these nails lol. So I will definitely be keeping a stash in my beauty arsenal for when I’m trying to get extra cute.

Have you tried Press On Stiletto Nails?

The product(s) in this post was purchased with my own money. With the exception of Butter London Disco Nap. See my Disclosure page for additional information.

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  1. Love this post! I’ve never tried this brand, but for what it’s worth, try lighly buffing your natural nail and then clean the dust off with a lint free alcohol pad before applying the glue. 😊🤗Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you… I cleaned my nails with the alcohol first to remove any excess oil, then buffed. I just blew the dust off and this worked! 🙂

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