5 Trends That Need To Go Away

Trends come and go, it's a never ending cycle. Some last way too long. Here are a few that I just wish would die already.

Trends come and go, it’s a never ending cycle. Some I have to question why it’s trending in the first place and others last way too long and I just wish that they would die already. Here are a few of those…

 Trends That Need To Go Away

Wedge Sneakers… they were cute at first when Beyonce wore them in the Love On Top Video and everyone and their momma ran to get a replica and some even scouted out the originals. But now I see them everywhere in all different colors and prints, some with studs and spikes. Enough already.


Haircuts with shaved sides. It looks cute on Cassie and a lot of people pull it off well, but most that I see do not and look like they are just trying too hard. All of the crazy colors, braids and twists with designs cut into the sides. I can’t.

 Trends That Need To Go Away

Stiletto nails. Especially the really pointed ones with different designs on every finger, and the super blinged out nails. It’s cute for teens and the college kids but I think it looks very juvenile and tacky on grown women. Sometimes damn right scary. Ewww.


Double Winged Eyeliner. This look is great for the runway and super cute for a night out on the town, but chicks walking around with double wings everyday looking like they’re about to fly away. Save it for special occasions… no need to wear this look to work… the movies… the supermarket. Rolls eyes.

 Trends That Need To Go Away

Men with cropped pants. This look has been all the rage lately and it looks horrible. Then they are wearing them super tight with a tight jacket to match. Leave this look for the females fellas!

What are some trends that you wish would go away?

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  1. LMAO! I agree with the wedge sneakers..they get on my nerves..I never liked them and double-winged liner for everyday looks…super cute but i agree should be saved for a night out.

    The shaved sides…yeah I’ve seen some disasters…it doesn’t fit everyone. Fits me though..LMAO!

  2. Yes, I agree with all of these except for the stiletto nails. I don’t wear them but I like how they look. I especially can’t with the male capris, half shaved heads and I was never into the wedge sneakers.

    1. A reasonable length with a rounded point and plain color looks cute to me… But the extra pointy talons with all the f*ckery on I can’t stand! Uugh lol

  3. Leggings! Leggings are being abused! I’m seeing folks with too much going on wearing them without shirts covering their behinds. And I’m sorry, if you are a big woman, you don’t need to wear them at all!

    1. I am so tired of this one too. Especially when they wear leggings that are not meant to be worn out and I can see the color and print of their panties smh

  4. I agree with all of these! Those stiletto nails are just plain scary! I just can’t get into the wedge sneakers….they have definitely taken that one too far! I have to agree with the leggings. Especially the ones that aren’t meant to be worn out alone, LOL (just as you stated). I am a little tired of guys in skinny jeans! I like clean cut and can’t stand to see a guys pants hanging, but the skinnies are killing me!

  5. Yep, you nailed it (on everything). I thought the wedge sneakers were cute when they first came on the scene, but like everything else…people wear things right out. I read a blog where a lady sports shaved sides and wears braids on top, hers is really cute…but, yeah it’s not for everybody. I detest the stiletto nail, it’s just ugly to me. I guess because I’m not a huge makeup wearer, I didn’t know anything about the double wings…they are cute, but more for special occasions I think. Dwayne Wade and anybody that dresses like him look foolish. They need to stop it!

  6. Cropped pants (or trousers as we call them in the UK) are just plain wrong. Why wear pants that look like they’ve had an argument with and then fallen out with your shoes??

  7. The pointed nails suck and the shaved sides not so much for everyone. @litesglamouraxshion

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