Floral Shift Dress

I love a shift dress as it's not constricting and just so comfortable to wear... and I've been loving me some floral prints as of late.

Hey guys. I know it’s been a minute and I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do but I’ve been super busy doing an update to the decor in my apartment. I’ve been scrubbing, painting, putting things together and taking things apart and I’ve been swamped lol. I’m just about done so I should be back to updating on the regular. In the meantime I wanted to drop in and give you guys an outfit post since it’s been so long. My little sisters bought me this swing dress from TarJay in early Spring, and I’m just getting around to wearing it. The weather in NYC has been cool & comfortable lately and perfect for long sleeves. I love a shift dress as it’s not constricting and just so comfortable to wear… and I’ve been loving me some floral prints as of late.

floral shift dress

floral shift dress

I paired it with these silver sandals that I had for a few years and only wore once (shame I know smh), a silver bag and silver hoops.


As you can see I still have my braids in, it’s been just about four months and now I’ve finally grown tired of them. I will be taking them out at the end of the month to give my hair a break. I simply pulled them back in a sleek ponytail.


Xhiliration Shift Dress

 INC International Concepts Sandals

Gucci Joy Boston Bag


I had about 3 minutes to pick an outfit and I think I did pretty good lol. Btw I’m wearing MAC Heaux Lipstick.

Happy Friday Guys!

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  1. You look so pretty…love your entire look. I can’t believe you’ve had your braids in that long! I cannot wear a low/no maintenance or protective style to save my life…mine would have been out in no time flat. lol You’re one stylish lady.

    1. Thank you so much hon. I kept them in because they are so easy to get up and go everyday and my tresses needed a break, but I miss my hair. I do plan to put in another set for Thanksgiving and leave it for the Winter, although I’m not looking forward to the task of putting them in lol xo

  2. looks fab the whole look, and i decided to keep my twist in till October. July , August, September.

  3. I have a question, I need your help, I found quite a few of the peplum tops in fall colors (short sleeve not sleeveless)what kind of jacket or sweater can I wear with them??????

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