5 Blushes That Every Brown Skinned Beauty Should Own

No matter how large my collection grows, I'm always grabbing one of these blushes. They will work for all brown girls, no matter complexion or skin tone.

I’ve grown quite the blush collection over the past few years but no matter how large my collection grows, week after week I find myself grabbing one of these blushes and using it non stop. If I could only own five blushes these would be it. They all work well with my complexion and can be applied lightly to create a natural looking flush or built up for a more dramatic look. I am so confident in this group that I am sure that they will work for all brown girls, no matter your complexion or skin tone. It’s all in the application. I am just including images of me wearing the blushes to show you how they look, but if you would like to see my full review for each you can click the name.


La Femme Sienna Powder Blush

deep brown matte with red undertones


jordana powder blush cinnamon spice

Jordana Cinnamon Spice Powder Blush

red brown with slight gold shimmer



Sleek MakeUp Sahara Powder Blush

matte burnt orange


mac raizin blush

MAC Raizin

reddish brown matte


mac sweet as cocoa blush

MAC Sweet As Cocoa Sheertone Shimmer Blush

reddish brown with slight gold shimmer


I know I said five but I just have to give an honorable mention to another one of my faves that I tend to reach for more in the Summer months that is also gorgeous on brown girls and definitely a must have, NARS Taj Mahal $30.

What’s your go to blush?

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  1. I reach for Nars: Mata Hari, Taj Mahl, and Seduction all the time. I also keep mac raizin, peach twist, and flirt & tease in heavy rotation.

    1. I agree with the Nars Seduction, that plum is everything. I would say a one good red/brown/brick color is enough, you can always add shimmer with highlight. I have a small blush collection, one coral pink (MAC Fleur power) one orange (nars liberte), one purple (nars seduction), and one red (ambering rose) if anything I may add a fuchsia pink color if I find a good one.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I was going to get La Femme’s Sienna but I own Sleeks Sahara and wasn’t sure if they looked exactly alike. Glad to see they don’t so Sienna will be mine. My favorites are NARS Lovejoy, Smashbox untamed (it was an LE) beautiful terra cotta cream blush, NARS Torrid, and La Femme Bourdeax.

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