MUA Kit Pick: La Femme Blush Palette

The La Femme Blush Palette contains 12 blush pans in 6 cool and 6 warm tones. The palette is ultra slim and doesn't take up much space in your kit.

Now that I have my MUA Kit stocked the way I want it for the time being I want to share some of my must have products, or my “MUA Kit Picks.” Let’s start with the La Femme Blush Palette.

la femme blush palette

The La Femme Blush Palette contains 12 blush pans in 6 cool and 6 warm tones.  The palette is ultra slim and doesn’t take up much space in your kit. Each blush is smaller than a MAC blush, and about the same size as a Make Up For Ever single eyeshadow. There is a pin hole in the back of each pan in the palette for easy removal. A very little bit goes a long way so each pan will last a long time, but you have the option to replace each pan as necessary.  The shades range from dark to light and covers all bases. For beginners, you will not need any more blush.

"la femme blush palette names"

"la femme blush palette swatches"

The neutral shades are mainly matte while the more pigmented shades contain slight shimmer. All of the shades apply smooth and blend well. They are extremely pigmented and should be applied with a light hand. This palette is perfect for having a good range of colors in your MUA Kit, or if you want to acquire a selection of colors at once for your personal collection.

The La Femme Blush Palette is very affordable retailing at $49 USD  and can be purchased at Camera Ready Cosmetics. You may also buy the palette and fill with colors of your choice. Individual pans are $2.50 USD on Makeup Mania and $2.99 USD at Camera Ready Cosmetics. Pan Size: 1.45 inch 36.83 mm.

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  1. I bought 23 of these blushes and wanted to love them, alas, I had to send them back. They contain mineral (which breaks me out) and all kinds of parabens and other ingredients my skin doesn't like. I was so sad, lol. I thought I'd finally found a blush that would show up on my skin. Back to the blush drawing board I go…
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    1. You should try Tarte Amazonian blush. It is basically natural without the harsh parabens and other chemical products that are bad for the body/skin.

    1. I am new to La Femme and just got into the brand. The only other product I have is the Eyeliner Sealer. I can't wait to try more products!

  2. I have about 12 La Femme blushes and I love all of them. I got them from Makeup Mania, cant beat the price for the amazing quality!

  3. I love this palette! It’s sooo pigmented. I was hesitant to use it at first but then I was taught how to apply the color properly. Now Im showin off! lol

    1. Lol oh you can easily get “clown face” with these. You have to use a very light hand and blend well but once you get the hang of it, they are easy peasy to use! 🙂

  4. I hand-picked a palette from Makeup Mania, but most of them are shimmers… Which of the non-shimmer/neutral shades do you recommend?

    1. Sienna is gorgeous and is my fave out of all the shades in my palette. Soft Beige is really nice. Mulberry and Magenta are nice hot pinks and the Red is a nice true red blush. These are all mattes, hope that helps.

  5. Are these pans the same size as MAC pans? I’m looking for a palette that is not the MAC 6-pan ones to hold my pans. Thanks.

  6. How do the lighter shades show up??? Are they ashy??? I noticed there were lighter shades that scare me did all of these work for your skintone??

    1. I haven’t worn all of them personally but the very light shades would probably look better on lighter skin. I would suggest that you select colors individually if using these in your personal collection and not in a kit.

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