3 Sleek MakeUp Blushes that are Perfect for the Brown Skinned Beauties

Sleek MakeUp blushes are buttery smooth with extreme pigmentation and great staying power. These are my favorite shades for the Brown Skinned Beauties.

Sleek MakeUp Blush for Dark Skin

If you are a regular here then you should know that I love Sleek MakeUp. I swear I’ve tried almost the entire collection. That may be an exagerration but I’ve tried a lot, I mean a whole lot of products from the brand! Sleek constantly spits out inexpensive beauty products with quality on par with the big dog department store brands. I can’t wait until the day that we can get Sleek in a retail store here in the states, preferably in NYC *note to Sleek if you’re reading.* One of my favorite products from Sleek are the blushes (right after the lipsticks.) They are buttery smooth with extreme pigmentation and great staying power. I’ve reviewed the majority of the single blushes in the line including some limited editions like Fenberry, Scandalous, Santorini and Aruba and some permanent shades such as Rose Gold, Pomegranate, Sunrise , Life’s A Peach and Suede just to give you an idea of how awesome these babies are. Last Summer I did a Sleek haul which included a few more blushes and out of the permanent line these are my favorites as they are perfect shades for the Brown Skinned Beauties. Meet Sahara, Flushed and Coral.

Sleek MakeUp Blush Sahara

Sleek MakeUp Blush Sahara Swatch

Sahara, matte burnt orange/rust

Sleek MakeupBlush Flushed

Sleek MakeUp Blush Flushed Swatch

Flushed, matte deep berry

Sleek Makeup Blush Coral

Sleek MakeUp Blush Coral Swatch

Coral, matte dark coral/peach

All three shades gives a natural flush when applied lightly and can be built up for drama. I love that they are matte and not loaded with sparkles and glitter making them perfect for everyday wear. With Sleek’s buttery smooth formula and pigmentation these are definitely collection worthy. Brown skinned beauties, if you unsure of what shades to pick you can not go wrong with these. From butterscotch to caramel and chocolate complexions, these will work for you. Even if you are not a brown skinned beauty these shades will work with a variety of skintones, if you are pale just use a lighter hand.

Sleek MakeUp blush retails at $5.99 and can be purchased from www.sleekmakeup.com

Do you own any blushes from Sleek MakeUp? If so what shade(s)?

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  1. Could the Sahara blush be considered a dupe for Naps Taj MaHal? I loSt mine and don’t want to repurchase.

  2. Totally love Flushed! My new fave..haven’t tried Sahara but Coral just didn’t work for me, it never seemed to show up :/

  3. I have being using Sahara for ages and thought I would mix it up and try Coral. Not too keen on Coral but love Sahara.

    Great blog by the way.

  4. I never wear blush and I’m about to purchase my first one so this was helpful. Is there any post where you’re actually wearing these blushes?

    1. Glad that my post was helpful. I have a FOTD post schedule for tomorrow where I am wearing Sahara. You can also see me wearing it in my Revlon nearly Naked Foundation Review.

  5. I love Sleek it has to be my favourite drugstore makeup ranges in the UK. I own all there Blush By 3 which contain similar shades and some exact dupes. I love Sahara it was on of my very first blush – It’s a beautiful natural looking blush. I really want to try Rose Gold, it looks so pretty in the pan and when I see people wearing it. It’s hard to choose favourites from their range really because I really love the whole range of blushes.

    1. I totally agree Rose Gold is beautiful as well. You are right, it’s very hard to pick favorites. I choose these since they are matte and pretty neutral making them perfect for everyday wear. I tend not to wear shimmering blushes too much on a daily basis as sometimes they don’t look as natural.

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