MAC Relentlessly Red

What better way to brighten up a dreary Winter day than with a bright and cheery color on your lips?! That beauty is MAC Relentlessly Red.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick Dark Skin

I had some MAC empties laying around, enough to get two lipsticks through Back to MAC so I picked up Lady Danger and Relentlessly Red. I’ll be talking about Lady Danger later on in the week but this post is all about the beauty that is Relentlessly Red. What better way to brighten up a dreary Winter day than with a bright and cheery color on your lips?!

MAC Relentlessly Red


Relentlessly Red is from the Retro Matte Collection and is described as a bright pinkish coral matte and that is exactly how it shows up on me. The name is quite deceiving as it’s not really red at all.

MAC Relentlessly Red Lipstick

As with most matte lipsticks and the other retro mattes that I have from the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection and Ruby Woo, Relentlessly Red is quite dry. It is not forgiving to dry lips at all and will show every crack, crevice and piece of dead skin so be sure to exfoliate well and moisturize your lips prior to application. It’s completely opaque in two coats and lasts at least 7 hours, even through meals… and therefore leaves a stain on the lips.


It pairs really well with NARS Taos Blush as you can see. It’s a combination I think I’ll be wearing often!

Relentlessly Red

Relentlessly Red kind of reminds me of Love Goddess from the Marilyn Monroe Collection but I have not been able to compare them yet. If I find that they are dupes I will update this post. I believe that Relentlessly Red is a permanent shade, you can purchase at a MAC store or counter near you or at $15

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    1. I’ll be able to check when I get home but Relentlessly Red seems brighter in me than Love Goddess. Maybe because it’s matte.

  1. okay private party from mac is the dupe i swatched them together, not love godess and that prob means Milani’s Flamingo Pose color wise is a dupe too.

    1. Ok I heard that but I don’t have Party Parrot. I thought flamingo Pose was a dupe for Impassioned. I have both of those so I’ll check when I get home

  2. Hi Ms. GG! Did you use a liner with RR? If so, do you mind sharing which one you used? I just ordered this lippie today along with RiRi VG2!

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