NARS Taos, The Universal Flatterer

Anyone can wear NARS Taos. Yup, I said it. ANYONE. From the darkest to the lightest, warm, cool or neutral undertones. It's universally flattering.

NARS Taos on dark skin

Anyone can wear Taos. Yup, I said it. ANYONE. From the darkest to the lightest, warm, cool or neutral undertones… You can pull it off. It’s definitely universally flattering.

NARS TAos Review

NARS Taos is a rosy red with coral undertones and golden shimmer. It’s super pigmented and all you need is one swipe with a light hand.


NARS Taos Swatch

Applies super smooth, blends well and lasts all day. Easily over applied so it’s best to just dab your brush on the pan and build it up as necessary. Less is more. A must have for the brown skinned beauties. Don’t ask questions just go get it, you won’t regret it!


NARS Blush retails for $28. The only close dupes that I know for Taos is MAC Ambering Rose and MAC Merrily, which has been discontinued.

"NARS Taos compared to MAC Ambering Rose"

Left: NARS Taos, Right: MAC Ambering Rose

They are very similar but  Ambering Rose has more gold shimmer in it, giving it a more reddish bronze appearance.

Other possible dupes are Wet n’ Wild Berry Color Icon Blush in Berry Shimmer and La Femme Desert Rose Blush. If you know of any dupes feel free to leave it in the comments. I will also add a dupe list as I find them.

*edited to add swatches of Taos compared to Ambering Rose

Do you own NARS Taos?

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  1. u look absolutely gorgeous as usual honey. love taos if i had to have just one blush taos will be the one its beautiful! its kinda similar to mac mineralize blush in lovething but 80% closer to ambering rose

    1. Thx, Sharon. I could definitely get by with just Taos.

      I have MAC Ambering Rose as well and love it, it was my very first blush. I’m going to have to do comparison swatches and add it to this post. I thought it would be too dark.

    2. You were right Sher, they are very similar except Ambering Rose leans more Coral. I edited the post to add comparison swatches. Thanks!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful on you. I may stop by Sephora and pick up Taos before the beauty insider sale ends today.

  3. Love this on you. Beautiful as always. I skipped Taos b/c I own so many blushes already. How does Taos compare to Milani Baked Mineral Rose D’oro? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sha, and I totally feel you. It took me a while to get Taos for this same reason.

      Milani Rose D’Oro is much lighter and more Coral. I swatched them for you… Taos is on the left and Rose D’Oro on the right. Hope this helps!

  4. You look beauti-mous! I found your site while trying to research Exhibit A, Taj Mahal, Taos, Razin, and Torrid (supposedly the best blushes for women with my coloring). AND LOOK AT YOU! You’ve reviewed nearly all of them for me. And you look fab. Thanks

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