MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick, Swatches, Review & the Closest Dupe that I Have in My Collection

The Rihanna Hearts MAC Fall Collection dropped in stores yesterday and I was able to snag the only thing that I wanted, Talk That Talk Lipstick.

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick

The Rihanna Hearts MAC Fall Collection dropped in stores yesterday and I was able to snag the only thing that I wanted, Talk That Talk Lipstick. It was pretty much the first thing sold out all over NYC but after a tip on Twitter I was able to find a tube at the MAC Flagship Store in Times Square. After seeing swatches online I have to admit that I was not very impressed and kind of disappointed with Talk That Talk, but I decided to pick it up anyway for review purposes. Keep on reading to see if it lives up to all of the hype.

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick

First of all the packaging is gorgeous! I love me some rose gold and the packaging is definitely all that I expected it to be. I feel so glamorous grabbing the tube out of my purse to touch up my lips.

Rihanna Hearts MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick


Rihanna’s signature is etched in the tube just like the rest of the lipsticks from the collection.

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Swatch

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick

Talk That Talk is a deep plum with slight red undertones. The Retro Matte Formula is extremely dry. No I mean EXTREMELY dry. This causes it to apply uneven and patchy. Even applying a moisturizing balm doesn’t help much. If you do not exfoliate your lips prior to application you will regret it. You have to really layer it on to achieve tube color but don’t apply too much or it will began to crack. The rest of the shades that I have from the collection has a much better texture. This is not a grab and go lipstick and requires a lot of work to make it look good. I apply a moisturizing balm, line my lips with e.l.f’s Lip Lock Pencil, apply the lipstick around the perimeter of my lips then slowly fill in. Layer to achieve desired opacity.

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Dark Skin

This is how it looked about a half hour after application. By the time I dropped my son to school about a half hour after this shot was taken I noticed that it was caked and looked cracked so I wiped it off completely and did a fresh application. Here is how it looked an hour later when I arrived at work…


MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Dark Skin

It looked very uneven and dry and I had to fill in the spaces to make it look decent. To avoid your lips getting too dry and looking cracked it’s best to take it completely off and reapply every few hours which is super annoying and inconvenient. I’m totally not impressed. Now the big question that I am sure y’all want answered, are there any dupes? Initially I figured I didn’t need Talk That Talk because “I have tons of similar shades.” I was wrong. I have nothing exactly like it in my collection, all of the similar shades are too red or too purple. The closest dupe that I have is Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Black Cherry which leans a bit more purple and the formula is obviously different. You can blot it and apply a little translucent powder over it for more of a demi-matte look…

MAC Talk That Talk Lipstick Dupe

Talk That Talk, Black Cherry

milani color statement lipstick black cherry

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Black Cherry

Talk That Talk had to be the most talked about item from the Fall Collection and sadly it does not live up to all of the hype. The formula is just way off and it takes so much work to make it look good. I wish the texture was more like Heaux which is my favorite from the collection. Although I am disappointed in the texture and application I do love the shade. It’s such a beautiful color and perfect for Fall and Winter.Β  I guess I’ll just keep practicing and find a way to make it work.

Talk That Talk is limited edition and retails for $16.50. If you can’t find it in store, the Fall Collection will be launching online on September 30th. You can see my review of RiRi Woo which is back with the Fall Collection here.

Were you able to snag MAC Talk That Talk? What are your thoughts?

The product(s) in this post was purchased with my own money. Β See my Disclosure page for additional information.

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      1. LOVE UR reviews:) I have a DUPE FOR TALK THAT TALK:…..NARS TRAIN BLEU MATTE LIPSTICK (in jumbo pen form… ..I got ttt lipstick and felt the same way …went in my stash and pulled out my NARS TRAIN BLEU…AND BAM! ..MAJOR DUPE ..i see very slight difference but nil….its great with mac VINO LINER / NIGHTMOTH..TRY IT AND REVIEW IT πŸ™‚

  1. That’s why I love your blog. We’re the same color, and I know I can depend you to tell it like it tis. I wanted Talk That Talk hella bad, but I’m going to save my money and go with the Milani Black Cherry. Although the case for the TTT is nice!

  2. Girl….AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!! lol The color is beautiful but personally I like the Milani one on you better. I’m gonna go pick that Black Cherry up this weekend!!! Thanks for the review it was awesome!

  3. I hate MAC’s retro matte formula and will never pick up any lipstick in it. I have the Milani’s Black Cherry and I always rocked it. I don’t care much about ‘seasonal’ lipsticks. I rock what I have whenever I want to.

  4. Haha…look like everyone is more interested in the dupe. My vote goes for the dupe as well. Thanks for sharing cause not I know exactly what I am getting and Talk that Talk is not on the list.

  5. Cherry Bomb, in Wet N Wild’s MegaLast Collection, looks like a dupe of Talk that Talk. I’m not going to waste my money on Talk that Talk now.

  6. Your review was so helpful! I skipped on Talk That Talk and just bought the Milani Black Cherry instead! Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

  7. I’m mad you just sold me on getting the Miliani instead of the “Talk that Talk” definitely a prettier color

  8. Would you please tell me what color lipsticks and eye shawdows you wear for fall and winter? We have the same skin tone and I am having a hard time picking the right colors.
    Thank you.

    1. I’ve recently posted a few Fall looks. You can check them out to see the shades and also look over my past makeup looks. They all give specific names of eyeshadows. Hope that helps!

  9. Went to MAC today to try to get my hands on it and missed out πŸ™ Lady at the counter told me to layer the Burgundy lip liner and Media lipstick. It’s nice because it’s a Satin. I’ve been wearing it for 4 hours without bleeding and cracking even after dinner. ps- my lips are suffering from an awful cold. I’m really glad she mentioned this combo. It’s dead on

  10. it does look a little patchy but it is really gorgeous on you! glad you picked this up, i think it looks better than black cherry:)

  11. the prep and prime helps out, a lot or i suppose any primer. I ended up getting it after all, but black cherry is not that easy to find neither.

  12. Hi, your make-up looks great!!! in the first 2 shots, what color/brand blush are you wearing? it’s beautiful and I want to give it a try. The Riri color is beautiful but I will layer Vino/Midnight Moth & my Viva Glam 1 for a similar effect.

  13. Hi!!! I was regretting not getting Talk to Talk but went to CVS today and grabbed Black Cherry by Milani and it looks Fab! Cheaper and better;)! Thank you!

  14. It is a very pretty color; however, it looks too drying. I will pass on this one. Thanks so much, for the review!

  15. you should try applying chapstick prior and regular exfoliating definitely helps in giving lips a soft and even texture

  16. Hey I was looking for a review on this lipstick and came across your blog! Absolutely brilliant!

    I was wondering if I had missed out on not getting the chance to purchase this lippy and after reading your post, i’m glad I did.

    P.S your complexion/skin is lovely!

  17. I use Mac prep and prime for the lips under my matte or retro matte mac lipsticks n it really makes a difference in how it looks, feels and lasts! I could never use those lipsticks before I got it but now, that’s all I’ve been using! Lol

  18. looks nice on you, i own both these lippies but unfortunately never really use them. too dark for me personally. heaux by riri is my favorite so i’ve replaced these two with that one lol

    1. Lol Heaux is one of my faves too. I used to feel that way about dark lippies but I’ve grown to love them. Wearing Black Cherry today πŸ™‚

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