I’m Head Over Heels for the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection Packaging

We are getting some RiRi Hearts MAC goodies with LE packaging and it doesn't disappoint. It's so girlie and glamorous in all of it's rose gold gorgeousness.

RiRi Hearts MAC

RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection

Finally wet are getting some RiRi Hearts MAC goodies with LE packaging and it does not disappoint. It’s so girlie and glamorous in all of it’s rose gold gorgeousness. Wow that was a lot of G words, sorry lol. Enough with the chatter, here is a looksie…

 Who’s That Chick & Nude Lipsticks ($16.50)


RiRi Woo & Talk That Talk *swoons* Lipsticks ($16.50)


RiRi Woo Lipglass ($16.50)

RiRi-Hearts-MAC-Fall-Collection-Pro-Long-wear-Lip-Pencil-RiRi-Woo RiRi-Hearts-MAC-Fall-Collection-Pro-Longwear-Lip-Pencil-Talk-that-Talk

RiRi Woo & Talk That Talk Pro Longwear Lip Pencils ($21.50)

Her Cocoa Eye Shadow X4, Smoked Cocoa Eye Shadow X 4 ($44)

Diamonds Cream Color Base ($22)

Bad Girl Gone Good Powder Blush ($23)


Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo ($29)

Pointblack  Liquidlast Liner ($21.50)

 Gigablack Extended Play Lash ($17.50)


Deep Brunette & Light Brunette Veluxe Brow Liner ($21.50)


35 Lash & 36 Lash, ($17.50)


187SE Duo Fibre Face ($42)


282SE Duo Fibre Shader ($32)

The collection will be available in MAC stores on September 26th, online September 30th, and all other locations in North America beginning October 3rd. Available at all M·A·C locations Internationally October 2013  (excluding China)

What are you planning to get from RiRi Hearts MAC?

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    1. I’ve been really careful with my makeup purchases lately as I have way too much. So far I just want Talk That Talk.

  1. Same here! Head over heels! I would cry literally if I don’t land my hands on at least one of the lipstick.

  2. yea i love the name alone, talk that talk to me boy, lol , but yes i have been almost non existent with the buying of makeup myself.

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