MAC Heaux Lipstick, Are There Any Dupes? Photos, Swatches & Comparisons

Last but not least of the lipsticks from the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection is MAC Heaux. I saved the best for last because it is absolutely gorgeous!

 MAC Heaux Lipstick

Last but not least of the lipsticks from the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection is Heaux. I saved the best for last because it is absolutely gorgeous and the most unique shade in the collection. The name is hilarious at that and I’ve been getting a kick out of telling people what I’m wearing lol. If you had to choose just one then it should be Heaux.

MAC Heaux Lipstick

MAC Heaux Lipstick

The lipstick is packaged in MAC’s traditional black tube with Rihanna’s signature inscribed into the lipstick. There is no special packaging although it is rumored to be coming back in the Fall in special packaging.

MAC Heaux Lipstick Swatch

MAC Heaux Lipstick on lips

MAC Heaux is a berry red with pink undertones. The Retro Matte formula is dry but not as dry as RiRi Woo and RiRi Boy. It has the best texture out of all three shades and applies with ease. I still suggest that you exfoliate your lips and apply a balm first to avoid dry patches. The pigmentation is great and the color lasts at least 6 hours without fading, even through a meal. You don’t need to wear a lip liner but I’ve been using my E.L.F. Studio Lip Lock Pencil for added protection against bleeding and feathering. It is easy to remove when using a balm underneath but if not it can stain the lips.

MAC Heaux Lipstick Dark Skin

Now to the big question, are there any dupes? I’ve been seeing a bunch of people saying that Heaux is a dupe for MAC Rebel and it is not. They are two completely different shades as Rebel leans more purple . I don’t have anything else in my collection exactly like Heaux and I have over 100 lipsticks. The closest shade that I found was MAC Love Goddess from the Marilyn Monroe Collection and it is slightly brighter with a Satin formula but it comes close…

mac heaux lipstick compared to rebel and love goddess

MAC Heaux Lipstick closest dupes

Love Goddess, Heaux and Rebel

On that note I feel that Heaux was a great investment since I don’t have any dupes in my collection and I really, really like the way it looks on me. I received so many compliments on the shade. It is definitely my favorite out of the three lipsticks. In case you missed them check out my reviews of RiRi Boy and RiRi Woo.

"mac heaux lipstick"

Heaux is a limited edition and is currently sold out. It is rumored to be returning this Fall with the next installment of the RiRi Hearts MAC Collection. It retails for $15 and the tube is eligible for Back 2 MAC.

Did you get MAC Heaux? What are your thoughts?

The product(s) in this post was purchased with my own money.  See my Disclosure page for additional information.

41 Responses

  1. so pretty! i ordered heaux and riri boy and my order is on backorder ahhh lol can’t wait to receive them!

  2. At first I thought Milani uptown mauve and covergil embrace was a dupe, it’s actually cover europhia , as far as non mac.

    1. I don’t have that one but upon looking it up it looks a little dark and slightly too purple. I would have to swatch them side by side.

  3. I heard that WnW Cherry Picking is a close dupe. The color looks great on you…as do all of the colors you wear!

    1. Thanks bunches. Cherry Picking is a really good dupe for Love Goddess so it should be close to Heaux. I may have Cherry Picking in my kit to compare.

  4. Rebel is my fav and Heaux looks like it would give it competition. I didn’t order anything. Hopefully they’ll have some more in the fall.

  5. I can’t wait for my package to come with Riri Boy and Heaux (lol!). Heaux is a really beautiful shade and I totally agree that Rebel is NOT even close to being a dupe! I didn’t have Up the Amp, so that’s why hurriedly scooped up Riri Boy, as I love Matte shades! Thanks for your awesome posts!

  6. Quick question for ya, what should one apply on lips before lipstick so it looks smooth and not cracking , peeling look? Thank for your answer in advance 🙂

    1. Whatever lip balm that you like to use. I use Burt’s Bees Wax Balm or Smith’s Rosebud Salve most of the time 🙂

  7. Gorgeous!! I heard Cover girl Euphoria is a dupe but with a satin finish. Really want Heaux but unfortunately it’s sold out 🙁

  8. In your pics heaux kind reminds me of a lighter version of Sleek matte lipstick Vamp. What do you think? I must say it’s def the most unique of all the colors from the collection so far : 0

  9. Hi
    Great post! Are love goddess and heaux dupable enough to get one and forgo the other? I already have heaux and am thinking of buying love goddess on amazon.

  10. I just found your blog! I was trying to find a dupe for Ruby woo ( I know I’m late just getting o
    On the makeup bandwagon. Anyway, I googled it and picked your site. I bought WNW 911d and love it!
    Your blog is informative and you are sweet and professional. New fan!

  11. I think covergirl euphoria #360 is a dupe. What blush are you wearing. I am learning how to coordinate my blush and lip color from you. Thanks so much

  12. I have Mac Rebel and I have been looking for Heaux since I saw it on your blog and I can’t find it anywhere? Any recommendations? I am so frustrated ):

  13. Nars Valparaiso matte lipstick is a great dupe! I’m almost finished my heaux:-( cherry picking is ok

    1. Looked it up, OMG I need a tube ASAP. Thank you! I’ve been using Heaux sparingly these days to preserve it lol 🙂

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