Oldie but Goodie: My Very First Love, MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is the one and only foundation that I've tried from MAC, and the first foundation that I fell in love with.

"MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation"

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is the one and only foundation that I’ve tried from MAC, and the first foundation that I fell in love with. I was really skeptical about trying this foundation back in 2008 as I had tried the Blot Powder from MAC the year before and had experienced the worse break out of my life. I was scared for a long time to try any more face products from MAC and just stuck to eye and lip products, but after testing this foundation in the store I fell in love with the coverage and that was the beginning of our love story. I pushed my Studio Fix to the back of the draw about two years ago when I ventured into using liquid foundation, but I pulled it out a few weeks ago and I’m in love again.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is a one-step application of foundation and setting powder. It gives medium to full matte coverage and lasts through the work day without touch ups when a makeup primer is used. The compact comes with a powder puff that can be stored in a compartment in the bottom, but I find the foundation best applied with a flat top kabuki or powder brush. I use the shade NW45 and it is a pretty good match for my skin and blends in seamlessly.

"MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW45"

"MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NW45"

I find this foundation works best with my VS Pro Airbrush FX Face Primer, it buffs on smooth without caking and stays on all day with minimum touch ups. However, I have a very oily t-zone and I find that this foundation does not control oil very well in that area. I usually keep a small jar of my Ben Nye Neutral Set in my makeup bag along with a mini kabuki to apply to my t-zone when I get oily. If I am going out in the evening I will lightly touch up my entire face with the foundation to refresh my makeup and I’m good to go. I forgot about my love for a while but I am happily rekindling the flame.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation retails for $27 and can be purchased at your local MAC counter or dept store that sells MAC, or at www.maccosmetics.com.

Have you tried the MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation?

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  1. I have love/hate relationship with mac face products as they break me out
    Sometimes tried this before. I loved it. Great review hun u look beaut as always x

    1. Thanks, Sher. I know how you feel. This and the MSFN works for me without breaking me out. I’ve used the Studio Finish Concealer and have been recently using the Prolongwear Concealer with success as well. Maybe I will try another foundation from them soon.

  2. I’ve found that Mac’s mineral products break me out horrible. I tried to use the MSFN and I have never had my skin break out so bad. Right now I’m testing out their matchmaster foundation which is okay, but honestly I love my Revlon better.

    1. I haven’t used my MSFN in forever. I love the look but it makes me oily. Maybe that’s the problem you’re having, excess oil=breakouts.

      I live my Revlon Corstay but use it less in the Summer as its so heavy.

  3. sounds fab! have you tried the Porefessional by benefit or too faced primed and poreless for the t-zone? may help it to set there without getting oily 🙂 i want to try this powder!

    1. I haven’t tried neither. Thx for the suggestions, I have to look into these. I have a small tube of Urban Decay Deslick in a Tube that works well but I think it clogs my pores and breaks me out 🙁

  4. Great review! Studio Fix in NW45 has been my holy grail foundation for years! I love that the coverage is somewhat buildable, with the medium-to-full coverage. It was my only foundation for several years, until last fall when I wanted to start using a lighter coverage for workdays and discovered MAC Matchmaster foundation (also a favorite of mine now). The two are all I use now!

  5. my mom recently got this and she loves it! i was thinking about getting it as well but didn’t. i have been thinking about it since she purchased hers so it just may be something i go and get for myself.

  6. I was actually set to also do a post of this product. Love love love it! I have the same shade. I set with my mac msf or fix +. Looks great on you. xxx

    1. Thank you. I sometimes set it with Fix + as well and use my MSFN in deep dark as a bronzer. Haven’t done this in a long time though. Hmmm thinking

  7. You know, I never thought to use a primer under a powder foundation. That is an awesome idea. I may re-visit my MAC Studio Fix too. You are right about the flat top kabuki brush, it deposits powder foundation evenly on the skin. I love their Matchmaster foundation but my skin prefers powder foundations during the summer moths.

    1. My skin is the same. A primer definitely helps powder foundation glide on and adhere to the skin beter. It stays on longer without having to reapply.

  8. I love this product! I actually use a lot of MAC face products including the Blot Powder, Pro Longwear Foundation & concealer, Mineralized Skinfinish Powder, etc. I have heard numerous people complain that MAC caused breakouts. I do get breakouts, but mine seem to be hormonal and usually consist of 2 bumps that are gone in a week.

    1. Yup, a lot of ppl complain about breakouts. So far I’ve used this, Mineralized Skinfinish Natural f/d and Pro Longwear Concealer with no problems. I want to try the Pro Longwear foundation and see what happens.

  9. Oh MAC….how I love thee….sometimes!!! I don’t typically breakout from their products but my skin definitely lets me know when I need to take a break. I enjoy Makeup Forever HD when I’m taking a break from my Studio Fix, basically the same coverage but it feels significantly lighter.

    1. I think my skin was telling me the same thing. I was using the Studio Fix for months and them I got a break out on my cheek that was very stubborn and wouldn’t go away. I stopped using it for the last month and my cheek finally cleared. Guess I need my STudio Fix in doses as well lol

    1. Not exactly sure but it may be MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick topped with Revlon ColorStay Lipgloss in Papaya. I can’t remember.

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