Avoid the Dreaded “Raccoon Eyes” with Anastastia Lash Genius

It's so not cute when your mascara melts off and settles under your lower lashline or in the creases of your eyelidss. Anastasia Lash Genius to the rescue.
Anastasia Lash Genius

One makeup step I tend to never skip is the application of mascara. If I don’t put on anything else I will at least tame my brows and apply mascara as my natural lashes are almost non existent. I prefer a formula that washes off easily at night and dread waterproof mascara as it makes my lashes stiff and clumps. I can feel it sitting on my lashes all day and begin to pick at them to get it off, very bad habit. However, when I don’t use a waterproof mascara I get the dreaded “Raccoon Eyes”… when your mascara melts off and settles under your lower lashline and in my case in the crease of my greasy, hooded lids. So not cute!!!  So what to do? Anastasia Lash Genius to the rescue.

Lash Genius is a clear, waterproof top coat that can be used on top of any mascara to instantly make it waterproof. It is light weight, dries fast and does not clump or make the lashes stiff. When applied you can barely feel it on the lashes and it gives a nice sheen to the lashes. It stays on all day until you take it off and best of all, no raccoon eyes! Let’s see how it looks on…

Sleek Lash Out Mascara

Sleek Lash Out Mascara, One Coat

Anastasia Lash Genius

Sleek Lash Out Mascara + 1 Coat of Lash Genius

Besides the sheen on my lashes, you can’t really tell that I applied anything else. Lash Genius is completely invisible and really works. It stays on all day until you take it off, but beware it is extremely hard to remove. Even with my MAC Cleanse Off Oil which usually removes everything I have a hard time removing Lash Genius. To remove it easier it is best to saturate lashes with a oil based eye makeup remover, let it sit for a few minutes and then gently massage your lashes until all traces of mascara is gone and rinse. Works like a charm!

Oh, Lash Genius can also be used on false lashes, just apply from the base of your real lashes to the tips of your falsies for a seamless appearance. Now you can take your favorite non-waterproof mascara formula and make it waterproof with Lash Genius without altering the effects. How cool is that?

Anastasia Lash Genius retails at $21 for .19 oz, expensive but effective, and is available  at Anastasia and Sephora.

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