Go Nude, MAC Freckletone

I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, and as a brown girl it is pretty hard to find. MAC Freckletone fits the bill though.

"MAC Freckletone"

I am always on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick, and as a brown girl it is pretty hard to find. You have to really be careful when doing nude lips to avoid that dreaded Tyrone Biggums “hungry look.” If you are unsure what I am talking about…

This is not a good look!

When choosing a nude lipstick it is best to stay as close to your skintone as possible and not too light. Pink toned nudes work best for cooler complexions and peach toned for warmer complexions. Neutral shades work for both cool and warm complexions. I find lipsticks with creme or sheen finishes to be best for nude looks. I steer clear of matte nude lipsticks unless wearing a gloss on top as they are too dry and at some point you will end up with the look above, no bueno.Ā  I picked up MAC Freckletone a few weeks ago and it is the perfect nude lipstick for Brown Skinned Beauties. It is a neutral shade (leans slightly warm) that can work on many different complexions and is perfect for everyday wear. This is now my go to nude lipstick!




Freckletone is a neutral peach with a lustre finish. Lustre finish lipsticks are demi-sheer and can be built up for slightly more intense color. It gives a nice sheen to the lips without shimmer or glitter and is pretty moisturizing. However, I find that it doesn’t stay on the lips very long and you have to touch it up often. I usually wear Freckletone with Wet ‘n Wild Coloricon Lip Pencil in Willow and Inglot Sleeks Cream Lipgloss in #91. This is the perfect combination for me…


Wet ‘n Wild Willow, MAC Freckletone, Inglot #91

MAC Lipstick retails for $14.50 which I know is pretty pricey so I have a dupe for you. It’s not exact but very close and around $4, Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Birthday Suit (250)

Left Freckletone, Right Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit leans a little more cool but when paired with the lip liner and gloss mentioned above it gives the same effect. Here I am wearing Birthday Suit with Inglot Sleeks Creams #91…

I say this is a really good substitute at less than a third of the cost of Freckletone.

Do you own MAC Freckletone? How do you wear it?

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  1. I love this.. I have been searching for nude lippies that fit brown beauties such as myself…i will be looking for these items soon.. thank you so much.. and your eyes look like cat eye in the last pic with the contacts on… it fits well on you..

    1. Thank you so much. I haven’t worn my contacts in forever, probably forgot how to put them in again lol

      Let me know how you like the lippies when you do pick them up!

  2. its a pretty shade,u look absolitely gorj hun,love it! im not really a nude wearer hehe but will check this one out. have u got Mac hug me

    1. I will have to check out Hug Me, thx for the recc. You know I love my bright lippies as well but some days I’m just not in the mood, that’s when I go nude šŸ™‚

  3. I actually picked up a few skin tone colors myself and was scared of creating that very look ! But what I did is mix a peachy orange rimmels kasbah with a “dry” Tyrone color rimmel #14 from kates new collection and it turned out pretty sweet. I’ll blog about it this week. If I don’t have to mix it to get that color with Macs freckletone that’s even better!

  4. never mind the lipstick, it’s the blue eyes, which in my opinion steal the show here x

  5. This looks so pretty on you Erica! I don’t own it. I just got fresh brew & I haven’t rocked it yet. I find myself having to correct it to warm it up. UGH! I also have Viva Glam Gaga 2, as well as NARS Honolulu Honey. Thanks for sharing. :O)

  6. I’m on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick and I think I like this one, I’m going to check it out. The dave c pic really made me laugh.

  7. Freckletone looks great!! I have tried all types of nudes and the one I found that works for me is “Bare Hug” by Avon’s Mark brand. I tried it courtesy of F.A.B Ellis blog and LOVED it!!!

  8. Freckletone is one of my fav’s i just finally got peachstock and I loooove it….Looks good on you.. Flawless as always

  9. LMAO at the Tyrone Bygums reference. Ur eye make up is flawless in all the pics! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we’re about the same completion and Freckletone looks soooo good on our skin tones. I wear mine w Cork liner…sometimes Chestnut…but I like it w Cork better.

  10. AAHH! I love this! …great combo..it looks very pretty on you!

    LMAO at Tyrone Biggums! Oh how i miss Chappelle Show. also, int he pic where you ahve the teal/turquoise on your eyes, is that a liner or shadow? Do tell! LOL

  11. Great nude lippie. I am thinking of getting a nude lipsrick by Mac and I was considering picking up this color. Lolz on the Dave chapell pic, it’s crack! Lol he’s soo funny.

  12. Your make-up looks fabulous and you are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your make-up tips. I love MAC but sometimes I am unsure about what to try. You have definitely pointed me in the right direction.

  13. Hi there, do you happen to know a dupe for the Rimmel Birthday Suit lipstick? It is discontinued and I’m down to the very bottom. I prefer drugstore. Thanks!

  14. i always see black americans beauties using lip liner under the lipstick. In Brazil, we really don’t have this habit. When you need to apply the lipstick again,do u need to do all again? I mean, apply the lip liner and the lipstick again?is it Takes too long? Because i afraid to spend a lot of time doing this on my job…

    1. I don’t always wear lip liner but when I do I don’t touch it up every time I touch up my lipstick. Only when I wipe everything off

  15. Wow Erica – your makeup looks great and thanks for the recommendation for a peach nude and a dupe. When swatched, the Birthday suit looks more on the pink side – but you made it worked and look just like the Freckletone in the other picture…can’t even tell the difference. Iā€™m an NW43/NW45 in MAC, Brown Sugar in Fashion Fair, etc, so your quite close to my skin complexion. Think I will try the Birthday Suite…I need a pink nude anyway, so maybe this will be perfect and I can always manipulate it into a peach nude . I already have a couple of light beige/peach nude that I can work with, so if need be, the Birthday Suite may just suite dual purposes ā€“ lol! Thanks again for this awesome website and the pics ā€“ really helped in the decision making šŸ˜‰

  16. Some of my favorite nudes are mac’s shitaki and fresh brew. I love the mad cap and entice lipglasses.

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