Boots No7 Color Calming Primer Lavender Review

Beautifully soft to apply and easily blendable, the Boots No7 Color Calming Primer is a must for tired sallow skin.

I’ve always wanted to try Boots products and was super excited when the brand became available in Target stores in the US. After trying a few different products over the past few months I’ve really grown to like Boots a lot. I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive primer to add to my collection and this one seemed pretty interesting with added benefits.

Boots No7 Color Calming Primer Lavender

The Claim

Beautifully soft to apply and easily blendable, the Boots No7 Color Calming Primer is a must for tired sallow skin. Creating a perfect canvas for foundation, the color neutralises any yellowness so skin looks and feels fresh whilst comforting Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter revive and moisturize.

Made with Horse Chestnut extract to help improve circulation so skin is no longer sluggish. Also contains Vitamins A and E to condition and revitalize tired skin. Formulated to be non-pore blocking.

Blend in a small amount as a base to foundation so it stays fresh and true to color longer.

The Boots No7 Color Calming Primer comes in a squeeze tube making it very easy to dispense. It is very light and slightly creamy like lotion. The consistency is kind of like that of the Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Primer. It glides on smooth and disappears into the skin when blended, despite the color.

Blended in completely on far right

The primer feels very moisturizing and did seem to make my skin appear more awake, however the benefits stop there. When wearing this primer my face was very shiny and oily within a few hours and my makeup appeared to fade throughout the course of the day. Even set with a setting powder this primer did not keep my makeup on longer. I had to use oil absorbing sheets all day to minimize the shine. I like the fact that it seemed to brighten my skin and make me appear awake, but I can do that with a luminizing lotion. I expect a primer to keep my makeup on longer and this failed drastically. This would be a great product if marketed as a moisturizer to brighten up tired skin because that is basically what it is.

The Boots No7 Color Calming Primer in Lavender retails for $9.99 for 1.3 U.S. fl. oz.  A tad bit too expensive for a drugstore primer, especially since it doesn’t work completely. Can be found at Boots USA, Amazon and in Target stores.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try one of their cleansers. When I saw that you did a review on one of their products, I was so excited. Disappointed it didn’t work you but maybe some of their other products may be good? alot of the UK YTers use it and seem to like Boots. I may give them a try but I’ll strike this primer off the list. Thanks for the review!

    1. Although this primer was disappointing, I really like some other products from the brand. More reviews coming soon so stay tuned, and no problem.

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