Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer Review

The Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer leaves a smooth canvas for my foundation and keeps it in place ALL day (and night) long.

Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Primer Review

First let me say that I’ve been looking for this primer forever! Even when I luck out and find a Black Radiance display, this primer is nowhere to be found. I stopped in a Rite Aid that I only go to on occasion and happened upon it while browsing the makeup aisle. I quickly snatched it up and added it to my basket. Now that I’ve tried it out I will be going back to get a few more because I love this stuff!

The Claim

Creates a perfect canvas for applying make-up. This sheer, lightweight, oil-absorbing formula minimizes shine, balances complexion, and preps skin to better hold foundation.

The primer comes in a squeeze tube making it very easy to dispense while remaining sanitary. If you squeeze the tube lightly a small amount will rise to the top.

The primer is very lightweight and not greasy at all. It is similar to lotion in consistency and it blends well and dries fast. It is not sticky or hard to blend and you only need a small amount. I apply the primer after my moisturizer and it goes on smooth without any issues. As directed I simply put a small amount on my middle finger and dab it on my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead and then blend. It leaves a smooth canvas for my makeup and my foundation glides on smooth and even. Now I have combination skin and get really oily in my t-zone, and usually after a few hours I have an oil slick going on and have to blot. I really needed a primer that would control the oil and keep me from looking like a shiny mess. So does this primer live up to the claim?

Yes it does! The  picture on the left was taken at 6pm right after application and the picture on the right, after midnight. There was no blotting whatsoever. As you can see I am not oily or shiny at all, my skin just has a slight dewiness to it. My concealer that I applied over the blemish on my nose did fade off a bit ( I pick pimples, bad I know) but other than that my makeup is still in tact. I was hanging with my girls and we stayed up until about 6 am, then I fell asleep until after 9 am. When I woke up, my face still looked like this. I am amazed. Side note, do not sleep in makeup it’s totally bad for your skin. I’ve been wearing this primer for the past few days and I love it. My new favorite primer. It keeps my oil at bay all day, I mean from at least 7am to 8pm with no blotting or touch ups. It doesn’t leave my makeup so matte that it looks cakey, but allows my makeup to settle into a dewey glow. So far I have not experienced any break outs.

The Black Radiance Complexion Perfection Shine Control Primer retails for $5.99 for .84 oz. Forget inexpensive, that is dirt cheap compared to more expensive brands and works just as well or better. It knocked my beloved VS Pro Primer out of the water. It can be found in your local drugstore that carries the brand. I know that Rite Aid and Duane Reade carries Black Radiance as well as Walmart. If you know of a chain near you that sells it feel free to leave it in the comments. It can also be found on and


  • Lightweight
  • Glides on smooth and blends well
  • Foundation applies evenly and stays put
  • Controls oil and shine for 6+ hours
  • Cheap


  • None

***UPDATE: This primer is now called True Complexion Shine Control Primer***

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  1. I don’t know… I tried a lot of primers and none of them seem to keep my shine at bay. I have extremely oily skin and after about 2 hrs my makeup starts to melt. LOL

    You have combo skin and I’m oily all over so this may not work for me like it did you. Glad you found something because its hard to find a product that works for you…

    1. I would say to give it a shot, you never know. It may not last all day like it does with me but you should be able to get at least a few hours in. This primer doesn’t even have that oily feeling either like others. The consistency may be key in it’s shine control capabilities.

  2. I’ve used this primer and it does work really well. I too have combo skin and it keeps me from shinning pretty much all day. I also use the Clean and Clear Mattifying moisturizer which is awesome as well!

    1. I am going to have to check out that moisturizer. I use Boots Instant Matte on occassion, which is pretty good as well. I will review that soon!

  3. I love this stuff!!!! I have an oily t-zone and It works wonders. I found mines at my local wal-mart very in expensive, but so worth the price. Your make-up looks wonderful!!! I’m glad you like this product : )

    1. Thank you so much. So glad that I finally found it and I hope that they don’t ever discontinue it. The best primer that I’ve used by far!

  4. Hey E! I noticed you used this in a recent post. I decided to pick it up & I love it. I miss my Korres Silicone Free primer. Last 1 I used was the anti-ageing one. But this will def do in the meanx.
    I too have combination skin. Oily in the tzone. It even makes taking off my makeup easier. I’ve worn it for an 8 hr shift & makeup is still flawless @ end of work day! Great review! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sha and no problem at all. I am so glad that it is working for you as well and it not just my imagination lol. I am in love with this primer. It’s been pretty warm in NYC the last few days and it still lasts all day. No oil or shine in site!

  5. Black Radiance is my number one primer of choice. I have been using it for a year now and I love it!! If and when you do run out, you can always find the primer at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Kmart.

    1. Thank you so much. I will definitely need backups because this is now my favorite primer as well. I’m still getting consistent results and my makeup stays flawless all day. When I check my pocket mirror at work there is no shine or oil in sight 🙂

  6. This is great! I tried it after I read your reveiw, I have the same skin type so I can relate to that the struggle lol..But it really does work! I bartend on the weekends and I wore it the Friday night to work,and it did the job! My face is usually shiny by the time Im done but it wasnt and I did the same thing, I fell asleep in my make up *ashamed face* lol, and it still looked good when I woke up!! My eyeshadow wasnt even creased! Thanks so much for the reveiw, I almost paid $40+ for a MUFE primer, but this works great, actually better IMO! I also used mine with Urban Decay De-Slick In A Tube, those 2 together knock out the shine completely!!

    PS I love your blog!! Its so informative!!

    1. I am glad that you enjoy my blog!

      Lol @ the sleeping in the makeup. We all do it occassionally just don’t make it a habit or your skin will suffer. I am glad that the primer worked for you. I am going to have to try the Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube. The Primer Potion is one of my holy trail products.

  7. Thank you for this post! I have been looking for a cheaper replacement of my Laura Mercier primer. Definitely running to Duane Reade to check this out!

  8. I just purchased their liquid foundation…AMAZING. It matches my skin perfect and it also controls my oily skin. It was around 6 bucks and there was a 2.00 off coupon on the package. I love this stuff!!

  9. Girl I just purchased this primer today and I love it. This is the first primer I brought that doesn’t have that greasy feeling. I actually stop buying primers because I hate that feeling that most primers have. The black radiance primer disappears into the skin just like lotion and I love the dry feeling when putting it on. I don’t know why I took so long to purchase this after viewing your blog, but I’m sure happy I did. Now I see why you can’t get enough of it lol.

  10. Hello Erica. Thanks for putting this blog together and showing such lovely (and functional) pictures of yourself. I’m forced to wear makeup about once every 10 years. The rest of time I just arch my eyebrows and wear lip gloss. I recently loss my job I need to look a little more “put together” for interviews. I been doing research trying to find low cost high quality brands and your blog helped me find a low cost primer. Keep it up the good work. I’m truly impressed with you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and I am glad the my blog has been beneficial to you. I wish you the best in your job search!

  11. I absolutely love this primer. I have terribly oily skin, especially during the summer months. I picked it up at my local drugstore and began using it on Monday. I notice when I return home from work after eight hours my face is not shiny at all and usually I would be very oily by lunch time. Absolutely the best primer I’ve ever tried!!! I didn’t think I would ever find one which would last me all day, but I finally have!

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