The Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes Are Da Bomb Diggity

The Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes are the bomb diggity. They are perfect for creating an airbrushed look, and the rose gold is gorgeous!

Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes

The new line of Precision Brush Sets from Makeup Revolution USA  are the bomb diggity. The design helps even the novice master the art of makeup application. Flexible wands help foundations, powders and shadows effortlessly glide across the face. While the soft bristles provide quick, blendable and even coverage for a flawless finish each and every time. The oval brushes are perfect for creating an airbrushed look and the rose gold is gorgeous!

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Brush Set

Makeup Revolution USA Precision Contour Set $30

3 oval brushes that are perfect for blending and contouring the face, cheeks & nose. The oval design paired with the flexible wand allows for precise strokes and a flawless application that adapts to the shape of the face.

Makeup Revolution Precision Contour Oval Brushes

 Oval Face, Oval Cheek, Oval Shape

I use the Oval Face Brush to apply my liquid foundation. You only need to use a small amount and it blends beautifully to a flawless finish. The Oval Cheek Brush is perfect for contouring the cheekbones and perimeter of the face. It’s also great for highlighting the cheekbones. The Oval Shape Brush seamlessly blends under eye concealer. It’s also perfect for highlighting the nose, forehead and other smaller areas of the face.

Makeup Revolution Precision Eye Brush Set

Makeup Revolution USA Precision Eye Set $22

3 oval brushes that are ideal for creating the perfect eye. The flexible wand and curved design makes it easy to apply eye makeup to even the hard to reach areas.

Makeup Revolution Precision Eye Oval Brushes

Oval Eye, Eyeliner, Round Blending Eye 

I use the Oval Eye Brush to apply eyeshadow to my lids. My lids are hooded and this brush applies the eyeshadow exactly where I want it. The Eyeliner Brush is a little too thick to apply eyeliner in my opinion. However, it’s the perfect size to contour the nose. It’s also great for applying eyeshadow under the waterline. The Round Blending Eye Brush seamlessly blends the crease. The brush is also great for applying shadow to the inner and outer v.

Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes Makeup Look

I created this makeup look using the Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Brushes as described and my face came out flawless. I honestly thought that the oval brushes would be more difficult to use then regular brushes, but it’s the exact opposite. The brushes are extremely easy to use and are now my favorites. I find myself reaching for them everyday. The brushes are great inexpensive alternatives to the original Artis Oval Brushes.

The Makeup Revolution Pro Precision Brush Sets are available exclusively at Makeup Revolution USA. The brushes may also be purchased individually.

Looking for a set that includes all of these styles of oval brushes and a few more? Check out this 10 Piece Oval Brush Set.

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