Sleek Mystic

I've developed sort of a fixation with purple lipstick and have quite the collection. I may just dedicate an entire post to it. This is Sleek Mystic.

I remember there was a time that you couldn’t pay me to wear red lipstick or anything too bright. I was told that red lipstick was reserved for women of the night (don’t ask lol), and I always thought that I was too dark to wear bright colors. Fast forward to today and there is not a shade of lipstick that I won’t try. If it doesn’t look good alone I can usually make it work with a lip liner or gloss in a similar shade. I have embraced my dark skin and do not allow others to dictate what colors I should or shouldn’t wear, I simply wear what I want. A big part of The Glamorous Gleam is encouraging other Brown Skinned Beauties to do the same.

sleek mystic dark skin

I have another lipstick to share with you guys today, Sleek MakeUp True Color Lipstick in Mystic. Sleek Mystic is a bright purple, almost neon. I have developed sort of a fixation with purple lipsticks and have quite the collection, I may just have to dedicate an entire post to it. I just love the way Mystic looks against my skin and the combination of color and texture makes it a really bold shade. I always get asked what I am wearing and get compliments… even from the fellas.

sleek makeup true color lipstick mystic dark skin

I have a few similar shades in my collection but no exact dupes. When I first received Mystic I cut my tube in half to put half in my MUA Kit since it was such a pretty shade, and now I am down to a tiny stub on my personal half. Since I have so many lipsticks I don’t replace most when they run out but this is a shade  that I’ll buy again and again. It’s too gorgeous!

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  1. Please share your purple stash. That lip color is so gorgeous on you.What color blush are you wearing?

  2. Love the message , and to me it looks more like flatout fabulous , either way it looks good on you

  3. So pretty!!! I’m the same way about bright lipsticks (me being too dark to wear them etc.). You have given me hope :). Is this shade a stand alone (no lip liner) or is it because you did the blush that it doesn’t look so bright?

    1. Thank you and glad I can help. I’m not wearing any lip liner and I guess it’s just how it photographs (looks different on different screens also) as it’s slighter brighter in person

  4. It’s not a color I would have really considered wearing, but it looks SO pretty on you that I want to try it too! In fact I’ve never tried anything from this line before, where do you buy Sleek MakeUp?

      1. Thanks Erica! In retrospect I guess that was a dumb question, for some reason I was thinking Sephora or some specialty beauty website.

  5. OMG!!! I just found your blog and I’m LOVING it!! We’re the same complexion and I’ve always been self conscious about wearing makeup. You have definetly given me lots if ideas! I’m now planning a trip to Sephora, Target, beauty suppy stores, everywhere to get some new products!! Thank you very much.

  6. This is such a great colour on you. Sleek matte lip colours rock – there’s a fab purple in one of the lip palettes. I’m a purplelipaholic too and have done several purple lip posts. Look forward to reading yours if you do one.

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