MAC Impassioned

I've been pulling out lipsticks that don't get enough love and trying to wear a different shade daily. Today's pick, MAC Impassioned.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have WAY too many lipsticks. So many that I often forget what I have and end up with exact dupes or shades so similar that it’s not worth it to have both. After giving away and throwing out a huge chunk of my lipstick collection I probably still have at least 80. Yes, I seriously have a problem. To get the most out of my collection I’ve been pulling out lipsticks that don’t get enough love and trying to wear a different shade daily instead of sticking to my favorites. Today’s pick, MAC Impassioned.

mac impassioned lipstick dark skin

I know ya’ll are probably tired of seeing my fuzzy sweaters on here lol. They’ve been my favorite this Winter and I can admit that I’ve probably worn them way too much and with everything, and I’m still trying to squeeze in a few more wears before it gets too warm. Sorry guys they are just so cute and cozy.

mac impassioned lipstick

Anyway, Impassioned is a bright coral-pink with an amplified creme finish. It’s the perfect shade for Spring and Summer and will work well with any complexion. It glides on smooth and creamy and wears well for hours without drying out the lips. It does have a tendency to settle into creases though as with most amplified cremes. I have at least one dupe in my collection, Milani Flamingo Pose…

milani flango pose lipstick dark skin

Milani Flamingo Pose, An exact dupe for a third of the price

I love both equally and I’m glad to have a backup in my collection as it will definitely be a go to color this Spring.

mac impassioned lipstick dark skin

Add a light smokey eye and/or winged liner with a similar blush and you’re all set. Easy Peasy.

Available at MAC Cosmetics

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  1. Doggone it! You make me spend money! It looks so pretty on you. I’m going to add this to my MAC wishlist.

  2. I love Flamingo Pose! In fact I’ve got a backup of it as well 🙂 Such a perfect color for spring and summer, like you said. I’m also a lipstick addict – I think I stopped counting once I hit 90 lipsticks…:/

  3. Gorgeous as usual. I have a similar problem. I usually gravitate towards the same color. .shades of purple
    What are your favorite nudes?

    1. Thank you. Nudes are actually the only type of shade that I don’t have too many of and stick to a select few that I like. My faves are MAC Freckletone and Milani Teddy Bare

    1. I usually just touch it up when it gets bad but a lip primer may help. I’m going to have to find one to test it out.

  4. Lovely! In the pics it reminds me of MAC Lickable- which I am currently digging. What blush are you wearing? It compliments it well!

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