Take Your Favorite Lipsticks On The Go with This Cute Yaby Purse Size Palette

This Yaby mini palette is super cute. It fits right in the palm of your hand, making it easy to throw into your purse and go!

yaby custom lipstick palette

I’m a big fan of Do It Yourself lipstick palettes, especially in the form of pans which doesn’t take up too much space and makes it easy to switch the order of shades. I recently moved all of my lipsticks in my MUA Kit to a pan form palette and couldn’t be happier. While creating that palette I also used a Yaby Stackable Set Palette that I received in my bag from TMS Blogger Preview to make a mini palette with some of the shades that I have in my kit but not in my personal collection . It’s so cute and fits right in the palm of my hand making it easy to throw into my purse and go!

yaby custom lipstick palette

The palette includes a mirror for easy on the go application and the mirror part can be removed making it easy to sit your lip colors down while applying to get a closer look. It’s very sturdy and well built. The only thing that I am not fond of is the color, the white will get dirty pretty fast and will have to be thoroughly cleaned on the regular. This mini palette is stackable so you can snap a few together and it comes in different variations including a freestyle (empty) palette that holds up to 8 small pans, 1 well, 4 well and 5 well (shown.) Each variation takes different sized pans which can also be purchased from Yaby. I believe that these are the 15.5mm empties.


Yaby Palettes were created with the makeup artist in mind to help them to create the most efficient kit while using minimal space. The Pro Size Palette comes in a variety of preset options including blush, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick as well as empty so that you may customize it with options from Yaby or with your own product. I look forward to trying more palettes from Yaby but for now I will enjoy my little purse sized beauty. It’s always good to have a few options! The Stackable Set Palette retails at $14 and can be purchased at yabycosmetics.com

Are you a fan of lipstick palettes?

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  1. I love custom palettes in general. I actually find I don’t get as much use from my lipsticks since I depotted them, which really surprised me. But I am still glad I did it. It’s also a great way to get that last bit of lipstick in the bottom of the tube, when you’re almost done with it. It’s amazing how much is still left in there!

    1. You are so right, there is a ton left in there that most people throw out. I know for sure that I wouldn’t get much use from my lipsticks if I depotted my entire personal collection. I like to keep them in a tube so that I can grab and go!

  2. I love small palettes especially for travel because they are cute and give you options without having to carry what feels like you whole make-up collection lol. I love the pre made lip palette however I love my tubes to much to depot them!

    1. I feel you. No way can I depot all of my tubes either. At least with the little pans you can cut off a small amount and still keep your tubes.

  3. Are these palettes magnetic? If not, then how does anyone use the freestyle palette? (Sorry if the answer’s obvious, still new to the whole custom palette thing. :P) Thanks in advance!

  4. What’s the lipstick in the dead centre? It’s a great idea rather than carrying 5/6 lippies around with you.

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