MAC Loverush, The “Natural Flush” for the Brown Skinned Beauties

MAC Loverush blush is another must have for the Brown Skinned Beauties. Gives a natural flush. A literal love rush.

MAC Loverush Blush

I did a little hauling at MAC last weekend, including a few new blushes. I’ve been wanting to try Loverush for a while and I am so glad that I picked it up, especially since it’s being discontinued. Brown Skinned Beauties, this is another one that you really should add to your arsenal. It gives a natural flush to the cheeks, a blushing from within or literal “love rush.”

MAC Loverush Blush

MAC Loverush Blush Swatch Dark Skin

Loverush is a cool plum that applies smooth and blends well. Since this is a sheertone blush it allows you to apply it quite liberally without overdoing it. It can be applied lightly or layered for more intensity. If you have a lighter complexion you should use a light hand to avoid looking bruised. If you are darker,Β  NW45 like myself for example, Loverush gives a natural flush. Just apply on the apples of your cheeks and slightly blend toward your temples. You can wear it with many different looks, daytime and night since it’s such a neutral shade.

MAC blush retails for $20 in the pot and $17 in the pan. Loverush is no longer on the MAC website as it is being discontinued, however it was still in stock at my local MAC Store. Check your local MAC Store or call 1-800-588-0070 to try and locate a pan before it’s all gone. Don’t miss out!

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    1. Don’t be scared of blush, it really enhances any look. If you have limited time blush, mascara and just lipgloss can help you look pulled together. So simple!

  1. Love MAC Loverush! Last year I was at MAC testing out new foundations and eyeshadows when the MUA used Loverush to finish out a look. Instant love! I was super sad to hear they’re discontinuing it, so I snatched up a backup. If anyone is still looking, it’s also easily found at Nordstrom MAC counters as well and Nordstrom online.

    (p.s. I seriously love your blog! My entire April beauty budget was pretty much spent on products I saw swatched here. so amazing!)

    1. So glad that you are enjoying my blog and that I’m helping you to find new products πŸ™‚

      Thx so much for the tip. I think I’m going to need a few backups as I will be using it in my kit as well

  2. Absolutely love LoveRush!! I better use lightly now since it is being discontinued.

    I also love your blog too!! Especially how you use a mixture of high end and low end products. From $1.99 Wet n Wild to $28 NARS. Thanks so much, plus my pockets love you too…:)

    1. It should last you a very long time since you only need a small amount.

      No problem at all girlie. I love my “high end” products but learned a while back that you don’t have to spend a fortune for great quality products. There are truly some gems in the drugstore πŸ™‚

  3. I heart me some loverush blush. Actually I’m wearing it right now. It is my go to everyday blush. I was skeptical when I bought it a couple of months ago, I thought it would make me look bruised but it doesn’t. If dark girls blushed it would look like this. It’s a shame Mac is discontinuing it but it will probably last me a while since a little goes a long way.

  4. Btw, I love the way u rock your blushes like no one’s business. From light blush to a little over done, it’s all fierce!

    1. You are right, a little does go a very long way…. And us dark skinned beauties do indeed blush, it’s just harder to see. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise lol πŸ˜‰

      Thank you so much hon. I loves my blush and I OD at times I know lol

  5. u look gorgeous as usual hun,great post i want this blush been looking for this type of shade. thanks for review&swatches <3

  6. i absolutely love this blush, shame that it’s being discontinued. it’s one of those blushes that no one talks about but in my opinion it’s just as pivotal as raizin blush is to woc. once again, here you are shedding light on what works for woc! you go girl!

    1. Thx Joanne and you are so right. I think Raizin has some new competition in my collection. I can definitely see myself reaching for Loverush more!

  7. Hey Erica!
    I love this blush and your site. Its great to see someone that’s my skin complexion reviewing great products πŸ™‚ I enjoy it!!

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