Sleek MakeUP Lash Out Mascara Review

Sleek MakeUp Lash Out Mascara has an extreme black formula, boasting to give you long and voluminous lashes. The best of both worlds.

Sleek Lash Out Mascara Review

I’ve had this mascara for a few weeks guys and totally forgot it. Found it under a stack of papers and pulled it out to try ASAP. Typical me lately as I’ve been so backed up and now I’m playing catch up. I know I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do but things are slowing down a bit for me, so things should be back to normal around here. Anyway… Sleek Lash Out Mascara is an extreme black formulation boasting to give you long and voluminous lashes, the best of both world’s!

The nylon spiral brush is supposed to capture and evenly coat every single lash without causing clumping, due to the narrow design. Sounds like a dream mascara right?!

Well let’s see how it performed…

Bare Lashes

One Coat

Two Coats

Well I think it did a pretty good job at lengthening and adding volume to my non-existent lashes. I followed the directions for best results (hold the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush from side to side pulling the brush through as you go) and the mascara was really easy to apply without clumping. I would just suggest to do thin even coats and not too thick to avoid flaking. Overall I really like this mascara and the fact that I can get volume and length without having to use two different mascara formulations #winning.

Sleek Lash Out Mascara retails for $10.49 and can be purchased at

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