Milani Lip Flash Swatches & Review

The Milani Lip Flash pencils are full coverage, shimmering lipgloss in pencil form for easier, more precise application. It comes in 8 gorgeous shades.

"Milani Lip Flash Pencil Review"

Milani is what I call one of the heavy hitter drugstore brands with quality products that can definitely hold their weight against a few of the high end makeup brands. One of my favorite blushes is Milani Mai Tai, a gorgeous matte coral shade. The Milani Lip Flash pencils are full coverage, shimmering lipgloss in pencil form for easier, more precise application. It comes in 8 gorgeous shades all with a shimmer finish.

"Milani Lip Flash Swatches"

Star Flash, Flashy, In A Flash, News Flash, Lip Flash, Photo Flash, Hot Flash, Flash Light

The  lip gloss pencils glide on smooth and can be applied sheer or built up for full coverage. The pigmentation is great. They are moisturizing and non sticky. A win win situation when it comes down to gloss. They are also very easy to sharpen. News Flash broke while I was applying it and sharpening it was a breeze, you just need a sharpener with a larger opening.

The pencils are pretty firm and easy to apply with the exception of News Flash and Hot Flash which are a little softer than the rest, both broke while applying.

"Milani Lip Flash Star Flash"

Star Flash, Baby Pink with Violet Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash Flashy"

Flashy, Hot Pink with Hot Pink Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash In A Flash"

In a Flash, Violet with Blue & Violet Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash News Flash"

News Flash, Purplish Red with Violet Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash Lip Flash"

Lip Flash, Copper Brown with Golden Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash Photo Flash"

Photo Flash, Fuchsia with Gold & Fuchsia Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash Hot Flash"

Hot Flash, Red with Red Shimmer

"Milani Lip Flash Flash Light"

Flash Light, Coral Red with Red Shimmer

All of the shade descriptions are on point as the colors match them well. Hot Flash has a slightly different texture and finish then the rest of the shades, it is creamier with a slight metallic finish. It is my favorite shade of the bunch, so gorgeous. Think it’s going to be my Christmas lippie! Lip Flash reminds me of my beloved MAC O lipstick, also gorgeous. I really like these and would rock all of the shades. I think they would look good on any skin tone as long as you aren’t afraid of color or shimmer because they are bold and bright with lots of shimmer. Your lips will stand out! The glosses wear well and can even withstand a few meals without touch ups. They also leave a slight stain when they wear off.

The Milani Lip flash Pencils retail at $6.99 each for 0.1 oz/2.8g and can be purchased at or at your local drugstore that sells Milani.

Which is your favorite shade?

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21 Responses

  1. I love these pencils too! I found them last year and a few of them have become a staple to me. I actually love mixing Star Flash with MAC’s Magenta lip pencil. Comes out very pretty. 🙂

  2. All of the colors look fab on you. didn’t even know that Milani made lip pencils. Your lips have the same perfect sultry style with every swatch. How many photos did you have to take to achieve that look? merry christmas

    1. Thx girl and Merry Christmas!

      For lip swatches, I have to take a lot of photos. Not so much for the style but to get the exact color correct. I usually take them farther away and zoom and crop them within my camera to get close swatches. I probably shot each shade at least 5x to get the perfect shot.

  3. oh these look striking! I love Hot Flash, News Flash and Photo Flash!

    Other than their blushes, I clearly, seriously have been sleeping on Milani.

    1. Awww thx girl. I’ve been totally obsessed with News Flash since I rocked it for NYE. I haven’t worn the other colors yet, but I’ve veen wearing the HD Advanced Lip Colors a lot. Love them for the Winter months!

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