Fall 2011 Beauty Trends | Achieving The Look

What's huge about this year's Fall Makeup Trends is that they are very wearable for the everyday woman.

Fall officially begins next week so it’s time to get on your A game and make sure that you have all of your makeup essentials for the new season. What’s huge about this year’s Fall Makeup Trends is that they are very wearable for the everyday woman.

Red Lips

When going for a red lip choose a shade that matches your complexion and undertones. Blue based reds are great for those with cool undertones while orange based reds work well for those with warm undertones. However this is not set in stone. Not ready for a full on red lip? Simply choose a shade from the red family such as a berry or wine.

Winged Liner

Winged eyeliner or “The Cat Eye” is super sexy and can give any look an extra pop. Best of all, it looks gorgeous with the red lip as well so you get two for one. Use a black cream or gel liner and a bent liner brush for a more precise line. You can use dark brown for a less stark look or colors if you want to be creative. I love a blue cat eye!

Metallic Lids

Put your mattes away and pull out your metallic eyeshadows. Choose shades close to your skin tone to just brighten up your eyes, or go with bold jewel tones in purple, blue and green to make them stand out. A metallic smokey eye is super sexy for a night on the town.

Full Brows & Lashes

Had your brows jacked up the last time you had them done? Fear not, now is the time to let them grow back as a fuller brow is hot this Fall. Achieve the look using brow powder in a shade lighter than your natural brow color.  Fill in your brows with an angled brush using light strokes. Clean it up with some concealer and finish the look with clear brow gel or a little hair spray on a spoolie. To achieve the full lash look, use a volumizing and lengthening mascara to make the lashes longer and fuller and be sure to apply to the lower lashes as well. If you want to use false lashes individuals will work best as you can put them only where you need them. If using strip lashes I highly recommend Ardell Wispies to achieve this look.

The No Makeup Look

The No Makeup look is great for those days when you are running late or just don’t feel like going through the hustle and bustle of totally beating your face. Throw on a tinted moisturizer, a hint of matte blush in the shade of your natural flush with mascara and a nude lippie and you’re out the door. For a full on face while still achieving the nude look, use matte eyeshadows close to your skintone and a light coverage foundation. You can add a touch of gold, copper and/or bronze metallic eyeshadow to give the look life. Another two for one!

Two-Toned Nails

Not your conventional french manicure, the two toned french manicure in bold and bright colors is simply hot. Use shades complimentary on the color wheel in a mixture of cremes and metallics. For a simple variation, try a deep eggplant or black shade and go over the tips with a matte topcoat. For a twist on the look try the inverted french  or crescent manicure.

Beehives & Bouffants

Fall is all about full big hair. For medium to long tresses, pull up a section from the front and push forward to create volume and secure with pins. If you have a short cut like myself, you can achieve this look by curling the front of your hair back in sections using a flat iron or big barrel curling iron, and tease (I smell a tutorial coming on.)

So which of these Fall Beauty Trends will you guys be trying?

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    1. Yeah girl you love color like me lol. I could rock the no make up look but only with winged liner and a bunch of mascara to spice it up.

  1. I’m loving all of the looks especially loving Gwen Stefani and that red lip..GORGEOUS, the full eyebrow on Kim and the metallic eyeshadow on LaLa. I just don’t think red is a color that works for me, but I am into the pinks this fall. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I love everything on here! The no makeup look works for me. I’m almost always running out the door, but I always want/need some kind of makeup LOL!

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