Applying Makeup In Public

I usually don't apply more than lipstick or gloss in public, but I see women do it all the time. What are your thoughts on applying makeup in public?

I usually don’t apply anything more than lipstick or lipgloss in public, but I see women on the regular applying a full face of makeup en route to work. Running extremely late the other day I ended up having to apply my full face with the exception of foundation on the train on my way to work. I was totally uncomfortable and imagine the extremely hard time I had trying to apply my gel liner evenly. In the end everything came out just fine. While I was doing my makeup there were two ladies sitting across from me, one with a little girl. The little girl watched in amazement as her mom constantly rolled her eyes and looked bothered. The other lady just watched my every move as if she was taking mental notes on my application.

If I found myself in this situation again I think I would rather wait until I get to work to apply my makeup. I was told that you are not supposed to apply makeup in public as it is not proper beauty etiquette, but with the modern day woman constantly on the go it seems as if the rules are changing.

What are your thoughts on applying makeup in public?

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  1. You’re really brave! All I can do in public is applying lipstick! And even when I do so, I don’t really feel comfortable with all those eyes staring at me!

  2. Oh wow I didnt know that you wasnt suppose too do it in public I do it at work at my desk all the time lol i would prefer to do at home though? But I wouldnt be offended if i saw someone else do it in public long as they not driving.

  3. Make-up application on the go used to be apart of my everyday routine!! People could look all the hell they want, It’s no ones business and I’m not offending anyone. IMO, if anyone WAS offended, offended by someone who isn’t doing anything to them or disturbing them… THEY have the problem, not me. In my last job, I “put my face on” at my desk every morning… I wasn’t really facing anyone, but they knew what I was doing, lol. If anything, they looked more amazed than anything… and I even had a few ladies ask me to come in early so I could do their face – or asked me to host a make-up application party! Like I’m some expert, LOL!

    In the end, would I like to apply at home – of course… but most mornings for me, its just not possible. Plus the fact that I get SO HOT, SO quick that by the time I got in the office I’d be a hot, sweaty mess. I much prefer getting there, and applying in the COOL a/c office… with excellent lighting!



  4. it makes me really uncomfortable to watch people apply makeup on the train. I feel like I’m peeking in on a private moment, when in actually they are applying makeup in a very public place. I can’t help but to watch

  5. Yes, I was taught that any type of grooming should be done privately (cosmetics, hair, etc.), if in a public place, then excuse yourself and find a restroom to check-up, touch-up, reapply, etc. However, as with most other manners, I think a lot have fallen by the wayside or people just were taught differently from me. Nonetheless, I’m not offended when I see other people do it.

  6. Lol I don’t like applying makeup in public especially trains&buses! I always get up an
    Hour earlier just to leave time for my makeup,I always leave e she with my face already done
    Couldn’t do it outside or even@work!!!

  7. I could never apply makeup in public. I would of waited till I got to work! I need to me in front of a mirror so my blind self can see what I’m

  8. I barely like to reapply lipstick in public…applying makeup in public gets a bad rap..people automatically assume you are vain, snobbish and totally self absorbed. I live in NYC and don’t like to be stared at and I’d have a syncopal episode if I was bumped while trying to apply gel liner and it ended up a crooked line…lol

  9. I haven’t applied anything other than lip products in public not because I thought it was rude (really because I already don’t like the feeling of “being watched”) lol.

  10. You know, it doesn’t phase me not one iota if someone is putting on her makeup in public – I’m too concerned with other important matters to give that my attention. There are much more serious problems going on in the world.

    I’ve seen people watching people that weren’t doing anything but standing still minding their own business.

  11. Honestly, I don’t see a problem with it, if that person is in a rush and it needs to be done I say go for it, for me I would probably go barefaced because I have little to no balance and coordination to put on an entire face on a train or a bus. As for the gawking, it’ll happen and if someone thinks no one is gonna watch they got anotha thing comin lol! The nmost I do in public is apply lipstick or lipgloss and some translucent powder. I try not to apply lipstick n front of men tho for obvious reasons lol

  12. When I used to have 1 hr commute on bus or train, I would put on my whole face! If it was rainy or cold, I would have a hat on and comb my hair as we pulled into the station.

  13. Not brave. Just lazy. I wanted to sleep as long as possible. But I didn’t wear as much as I do now. It probably used to only take 10-15 minutes.

  14. Since I drive to work I find myself applying makeup in the car all the time. People look at me strange and I DON’T CARE!!! I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but I wouldn’t do it on the train because I know I would mess up.

    1. Yeah ppl need to worry about their own “strange” behaviors or in your case keep their eyes in their own car and on the road ahead of them lol

  15. I remember once I was at the DMV to have my license renewed and there was a women sitting in the lounge full of people applying a full face of makeup.

    I pointed her out to my friend and thought she looked so silly!

    The other day though I also had to apply my eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss in public. I guess when it comes to makeup, it’s best to never say never!

    If it’s between having to go without makeup and having to apply it in public, I prefer the latter. But it’s always best to do it in the bathroom or your office of course, if the situation permits.

  16. I have applied my makeup in public just about every since I started wearing it, oh so long ago!!! LOL… I don’t see the big deal. If I can get to a private place, then I will…but I am guilty of it all…except for the train..never been on one! Sometimes people can be a bit boogie’… I mean, have you ever had to wipe your nose in public? Or better yet, pick your teeth. People are going to look no matter what… That’s what you have eyes for…They are not there just to be hazel! LOL…

    Great topic…

    1. That’s a good way to put it. I’ve definitely “cleaned” my teeth in public as food gets stuck in there easy and I don’t want to walk around like that. I did it discreetly as possible and even cover my mouth so you can’t see, and ppl still look at me as if I’m crazy lol

  17. Have done it & will probably do it again. Most people stare in amazement & comment on how skilled I was able to apply it despite the bumps & movement of the bus. One woman talked about the mascara. LOL I heard it isn’t good etiquette as well. Whateva!

  18. i used to roll my eyes (mentally of course, lol) when i saw girls doing their makeuo in public, i dont know why, its really stupid i mean whats the big whoop? i was running late too and i HAD to apply my makeup in the train and i just felt like this girl was staring at me giving the mind-roll-eye. lol its just really awkward i dont know why

    1. Yeah its funny when the shoe is on the other foot and we know how other ppl feel when we stare at them like they are weird. After my experience I intentionally look away when others are doing their makeup in public lol

  19. Not sure how it would be accepted in the USA, but was on a West Coast Mainline Train from Lancaster to Birmingham New Street (UK) last week and a lady actually plugged her GHDs into the power socket (for laptops and cell phones) and proceeded to straighten hair. Astounding!

    1. That’s hilarious lol. We don’t have outlets on our commuter trains but I believe they have on long distance, city to city trains. I’ve never seen someone do that though.

  20. OK, I’m an “older woman”. I was taught never never never to apply makeup, do your hair or draw attention to yourself in such a way in public. I was told “if the first lady does not preen in public, neither should any lady with proper manners”. Basically, that is what I taught my daughters too, not because I didn’t want them to do it, but because I wanted them to make informed choices about how their behavior may be viewed by others. If you don’t care what others think, then do it. But be aware that to some people you are looking very inappropriate.

    1. I totally understand. That’s how my Grandma and Nana felt, that’s how things were done back in the days. It seems the newer generations are doing things differently but those with old school values will look at you funny and turn their noses up.

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