Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles Swatches & Review

I've become hooked on Urban Decay eyeshadows and been wanting to try some of the singles. So I purchased some from the Hautelook sale.

Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Ok, so besides the Naked Palette, I’ve never tried any other Urban Decay Eyeshadows. I love the Naked Palette and use it a lot, and since acquiring it I’ve become hooked on Urban Decay eyeshadows and been wanting to try some of the single shadows. Recently Hautelook had a sale featuring Urban Decay, so I purchased a few shades to try out.

From left to right:

Cult (Matte)

Purple Haze (Matte)

Electric (Matte)

Narcotic (Matte)

Chronic (Matte)

Jones (Shimmer)

I love matte eyeshadows and I am trying to increase my collection, so all of these matte shades were right up my alley!

I love the colors that I chose. The pigmentation is awesome. The shadows are soft, smooth and easy to apply. The matte eyeshadows are barely chalky at all which is unheard of in my experience.

Of course I had to depot them as I don’t like having a bunch of single eyeshadows laying around. I forget to use them and they take up too much space…

They fit right into my MAC Pro Palettes…

OMG, I love Urban Decay eyeshadows and I need more ASAP lol!

Do you guys own any Urban Decay Shadows? What are your favorite shades?

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  1. I don’t own any UD Eyeshadows but your swatches are making me reconsider. The pigmentation look good, especially in the matte shades…However, I’m loving Jones and will be looking out for it on my next trip to Sephora =)

  2. I too have fallen in love with UD e/s ever since I finally acquired the Naked Palette. I had planned to purchase some of the UD e/s from HauteLook recently, but I waited too late and the colors I wanted was sold out. I do plan to purchase some of their other palettes though. Sephora has one online for I think $15.

    1. Yeah, stuff sells out extremely fast on Hautelook, I had to play the waiting game. Which palettes specifically are you looking to purchase?

  3. I dont own any Urban Decay e/s but thanx for swaches honey,I love their palettes though I ever got round to buying one lol

  4. I also saw these on Hautelook. Can you tell me about the service of this site? I read some bad reviews and was afraid to purchase from them, how was your experience?

    1. I’ve ordered from Hautelook twice now and never had any issues. They could get items to you a little faster, shipping takes a bit longer than I would like… but I can’t say anything else bad from my own experience.

  5. I adore Urban Decay eyeshadows and I think they’re so much better than MAC. I’m not a huge fan of matte eyeshadows but these look great. I own a couple of their palettes and “book of shadows” and they’re super impressive.

    1. Their matte shadows for sure are better than MAC’s as far as pigmentation and texture is concerned. Jones’ texture reminds me of MAC Veluxe Pearl Shadows.

  6. Try the eyepencils and creme eyeshadow pencils. I purchased the Electric Eyeliner Collection and one of the Creme Eyeliner Pencil Collection as Christmas present for myself. They were fabulous.

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