Sleek Makeup i-Divine Acid Palette Swatches & Review

I was finally able to purchase the i-Divine Acid Palette with my last order from Sleek, and I was super excited to receive it!

I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Acid Palette for the last year and it has always been out of stock. I was finally able to purchase it with my last order from Sleek and I was super excited to receive it. The i-divine Acid Palette is an older palette so it comes in Sleek’s old plastic packaging. It has the Sleek traditional black case.

It is filled with an array of mostly neon and bright shades.

There are 8 matte bright/neon shades and 4 shimmers which are a bit muted comparably. Let’s take a look at the swatches…

No Base

After waiting so long, I am exteremely disappointed in the Acid Palette. As you can see the matte shades has barely any color payoff at all without a base. I know that neon shades are known to be a bit chalky, but this is just a hot a$$ chalky mess! The shimmer shades has much better payoff like I am used to with Sleek palettes. I swatched the shades again over NYX Jumbo eyeshadow Pencil in Milk to see the difference…

With Base (Excuse my hairy arms lol)

The color payoff is much better over the white base, however I would suggest more of a shimmery base or a black base for the shimmer shades as the matte white base kind of changes the finish of them. The Acid Palette is definitely workable with a good primer AND a good sticky base such as NYX Jumbo Eye shadow Pencils and MAC Paint Pots. The shadows are also a bit chalky and take some work to blend, but overall the Acid palette is definitely workable. For those who have a hard time with mattes and blending, leave this one alone. I still can’t wait to try some looks with the Acid palette. I waited so long, I will make it work!

Rating 3/5

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  1. Glad u were finally able2get it love the greens,pink&purple in that palette..I think this will be in my faves for April av use it a lot lately

    1. The green, pink and purple definitely has the best pigmentation out of the bunch so I can see why you would love them. I will do a FOTD soon.

    1. Yeah, they are definitely workable with a base. I am still thinking about what colors to try for my first look… soon enough! 🙂

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