Crown Brush Haul

Crown Brush haul! Crown Brush has high quality inexpensive brushes used by makeup artists and makeup aficionados alike. Keep reading to see what brushes I purchased.

A few months ago while putting together my MUA kit I made a huge Crown Brush haul! Crown Brush has high quality inexpensive brushes used by makeup artists and makeup aficionados alike. I purchased brushes from the Studio, Studio Pro, Italian Badger, Luna and Luna Badger lines…


C107 Jumbo Powder Dome  $9.95

C313 Dual Length Powder  $5.39

C104 Angle Blush  $5.25

C208 Chisel Deluxe Fluff  $2.79

C153 Large Chisel Fluff  $1.95

C210 Small Chisel Fluff  $2.29

C217 Bent Liner  $2.25

C250 2 Taklon Pointed Liner  $1.45

C139 Stiff Tapered Crease  $2.55

C222 Round Contour  $2.80

Studio Pro

C418 Angle Shadow  $3.39

C407 Jumbo Shadow  $3.89

Luna & Luna Badger

BK44 Pointed Lip (Luna)  $1.89

BK34 Lash Fan (Luna)  $1.98

BK33 Mini Oval Smudger  $2.43

BK38 Deluxe Badger Crease  $3.19

BK27 Badger Flat Bronzer  $10.95

Italian Badger

IB119 Deluxe Crease  $2.99

IB130 Flat Liner/ Camouflage $2.13

I haven’t had a chance to use them extensively to do any detailed reviews, but what I can say is that they are very soft and fluffy, not scratchy at all… and they wash well with minimal to no shedding.

I also picked up the Crown Brush Belt ($19.95) which is identical to MAC’s without the logo…

Do you guys own any of these brushes?

How do you like them?

I will do reviews on my favorites as I use them more.

*As requested, edited post to add the purchase price of each brush. The total was $99.71 including a $7.00 shipping fee.

16 Responses

    1. Thanks hon. The brush belt is really nice, you just have to let it air out for a few days to get rid of that pleather smell. I have an extra sensitive nose lol

  1. they all look nice, i wish i woulda bought some during the hautelook sale :/
    can't wait for your reviews =)

    1. I didn\’t even bother to check out the hautelook sale because of this purchase. Too scared to see if I would have gotten a better deal if I had waited lol… but it\’s all good, even regularly priced they are a great deal!

  2. sa-weet haul! i don't own any of the brushes. thanks so much for sharing.
    have fun in the snow. :O)

  3. can you go into detail how much the brushes were and how much was shipping xoxo

      1. My shipment was delayed due to inclement weather *boohoo*

        I want those brushes soooo bad, lol. Do you like the Italian Badger better than the Luna Badger or are they about the same?
        My recent post And the verdict is

        1. I think they are almost the same except the Italian Badger Line is prettier lol. I hope you received your brushes hon! 🙂

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