Ben Nye Creme Color Wheels

I picked up a few Ben Nye Creme Color wheels for my MUA kit and I love them. I chose the Fireworks Fantasy, Lumie're Creme and Rainbow Wheels.

I picked up a few Ben Nye Creme Color wheels for my MUA kit and I love them. Ben Nye Creme Colors are very versatile and can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks (face)… think eyeshadow base, liner, lipstick, face painting and more. Use your imagination and the options are endless. I picked up the Fireworks Fantasy, Lumie’re Creme and Rainbow Wheels.

Fireworks Fantasy Wheel

The Fireworks Fantasy Wheel has six gorgeous metallic shades that would look great as eye shadows and used as bronzers and highlighters.

From left to right: Ruby Luster, Diamond Ice, Bronze, Silver Satin, Gold Dust and Copper

Lumiere Creme Wheel

The Lumiere Creme Wheel contains six luminescent creme colors in bright jewel tones. Perfect companion for the Lumier Grand Colour Powders to be used as bases for the shadows, but works well as shadows alone.

From left to right: Ice, Aztec Gold, Jade, Azalea, Cosmic Blue and Royal Purple

Rainbow Wheel

The Rainbow Wheel contains six primary shades. Primary colors can be mixed to create new shades which is an added bonus.

From left to right: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue and Fire Red

When using the Ben Nye Creme Colors as eyeshadow/eyeshadow bases, follow these tips for maximum wear and to avoid creasing:

  • Use an eyeshadow Primer
  • Apply a thin layer
  • Set with a translucent powder (if using alone  as eyeshadow)

Ben Nye Creme Color Wheels are very inexpensive and range between $10-$20 depending on where you purchase them. The shades can also be purchased separately for about $4-$5 per shade but it is more cost effective to buy the wheels. I plan to pick up a few more Ben Nye Wheels including the Tattoo Cover-All  and Creme Blush Wheels, and a White single shade. These are perfect for MUA kits since they contain multiple shades and don’t take up a lot of space, but they are perfect for personal use as well.

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    1. I purchased 2 of them from Ricky\’s. I used to see them all the time and was skeptical, but I finally took the jump. Glad I did!

  1. These are great because you can also mix them to make concealer or foundation. I haven’t tried it like that but I’ve seen people who have used it like that.

    1. This is true, there are a few concealer wheels as well that can be used for concealer and foundation. There is a wheel for everything lol

  2. I have this brand , Ben Nye Black eyeshadow and the quality real great
    I will try to have these Wheels they look gorgeous

  3. Hi,
    THanks for the review. I would like to know whether these are compared to maybelline color tattoo 24hr ? Because the Maybelline one can be used as a base as well. But I believe the maybelline one dries and don’t get sticky. How about the Ben nye lumier wheel ?

    1. These can be used as a base and dries as well but can sometimes crease if you use too much. The Maybelline Color Tattoo has better staying power.

      1. Thanks for the reply. May I ask which one has more pigmentation. Im mean which one has a better color pay off? The thing is I was planning to get the Ben nye magicake palette to use as a base for eyeshadow. Then I saw the review on this creme wheel and how close it is to the lumier palette. Then, I thought maybe I should use the creme wheel as a base instead of magicake palette.

        Have you tried the concealer wheels from Ben nye?

        1. The lumiere cream wheel has great pigmentation, just as good as the color tattoo shadows. You should get this as a base for the eyeshadow palette as it compliments it well. I haven’t used the Ben Nye Concealer Palettes but they have great reviews. I use one from Graftobian.

          1. Thanks for the reply. I was gonna order that lumier wheel, but then I thought it would be good to order the rainbow one as it seems to be more practical. As you own both, which one do you think is more practical and better to be used as base ? Which one do you use more? In terms of pigmentation, both of them are the same ? I am just not sure which one to go for as I might not need both of them (it’s just for personal use)!!Thanks again .

          2. No problem. The lumiere wheel is more practical and performs better, the rainbow wheel is a little too creamy and creases.

  4. Hi, Thanks for the advices you gave me. I placed an order for the lumiere wheel and waiting for the Rainbow wheel to be back in stock.So, I am gonna order them both.. 🙂
    Could you please tell me how that Fireworks wheel is compared to other metalic eyeshadow bases like Sleek Molten metal? I have some metalic bases.But the stay creamy after application and the eyeshadow does not seem to stick to them ! They are shiny, but not very pigmented.And they crease and push the eyeshadow down on my lid !! Thanks,

    1. No problem. It dries down more. The Sleek Molten Metal shadows get greasy and creases faster, the Fireworks wheel stays on longer.

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