Mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

As promised in the last post of this mini-series, here is my i-Mark Eyeshadow Collection.

"mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow"

As promised in the last post of this mini-series, here is my i-Mark Eyeshadow Collection. I decided to do a review of these shadows in this post as well because I feel that they do not get the recognition that they deserve. These shadows are pretty cool. First, my collection….all swatches done without a base…

"mark I-Mark Custom Pick Eyeshadow Swatches"
Biscotti, Minx, Fairy Dust, Plum Velvet

Gioia, Vintage Khaki, Retro Peacock, Night Owl

For those of you who may not know about mark., it is a division of Avon Cosmetics with a target market of young women. The brand “celebrates remarkable young women who are making their mark in the world” (Avon website) Just like Avon, the products can be purchased directly from a representative or from the website. Just to be clear, I am not a representative of Avon nor mark. I used to be an Avon rep years ago but that is long behind me now. However, during this time is when I discovered Mark products and fell in love with their shadows.

The I-Mark Custom Pick Eyeshadows are a great deal for the price. You get a ton of product, they are very pigmented (especially with a base) and are long wearing, no creasing! You do however have to layer the lighter shades as they can be sheer and a bit chalky. I pat them on instead of sweeping to avoid fallout.  The pans are pretty large and will last for a very long time. I had a couple of my pans for years and they are not even dented. You can clearly still see the lettering on them. Overall I am very happy with my mark shadows.

Best of all, they are only $5 USD each. The price has gone up over the years though as I remember them being $3.50! Anyway, here is the thing. They come in these little disposable plastic holders as you are supposed to place them in a custom palette that mark has created for them.The”snap to it” custom color palette comes in three sizes mini (small) $4, mezzo (medium) $6 and mega (large) $8. The palettes were made to contain the mark eyeshadows and blushes. In the case of the eyeshadows, the mini holds two, mezzo four and mega (shown below) eight. They are made of hard plastic/lucite, have a little mirror and are very sturdy. They are also very visually appealing and easy to store.The palettes are magnetized and ready to place the shadows inside. It also comes with two shadow/blush brushes which in my opinion are worthless. These palettes are too cute and will keep your mark shadows safe and protected. So that is it for this review guys. If you do not own any Mark eyeshadows, pickup a few and try them out. They are a great deal and definitely collection worthy.

Do you own any mark eyeshadows?


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