You’ll Always Have Time To Deep Condition With This Clever Trick

This trick allows me to deep condition on the go whether I'm going to work, out with my girls or running errands. No one will ever know unless I tell them.

Secretly Deep Condition Under Headwrap

Imagine this scenario. It’s early Sunday afternoon and you just received a text from your girls. They’re fittin’ to head to brunch. In an hour. The thing is, you just put your deep conditioning treatment in your hair in preparation to wash. What to do? Put on a headwrap and go girl. I secretly deep condition under a headwrap on the regular to maximize my time. This trick allows me to deep condition on the go whether I’m going to work, out with my girls or running errands, and no one ever knows unless I tell them.

Tropic Isle Sunset of Africa Headwrap + MAC Quite The Stand Out Lipstick

Headwrap | Earrings | Lipstick

I simply add my hot oil or deep conditioning treatment to dry hair. Now don’t OD as you don’t want it to drip or run. That’s never a good look. Next I put on a disposable plastic deep conditioning cap. Then I wrap my headwrap per usual (see my Headwrap Tutorial), over the plastic cap. You can even leave your edges out if you want to go with the gelled down look. That’s it. I go about my business and continue my wash day routine when I get home.

Matching Beret, Fur Collar & Lipstick

Primark Beret & Fur Collar | Lipstick

You can even use a hat to secretly deep condition in the Winter months if you prefer. A beret with a matching lip looks so bomb. Add a matching fur collar if you wanna get real fly. The world will never know 😉

Some of my Favorite Deep Conditioners

Feel free to share your clever beauty tricks in the comments!

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