How To Use Bentonite Clay To Get Your 4C Coils & Skin Poppin’

Old Man Winter wreaking havoc on your hair and skin? Watch this tutorial to get your coils & skin poppin' again with a bentonite clay mask.

Old Man Winter wreaking havoc on your hair & skin? Then it’s time to pull out the bentonite clay to get your coils & skin poppin’ again. Now, I’ve already told you guys why you should try a Bentonite Clay Mask. But I decided to show you how I use it. Because everything is better with a visual. Watch this tutorial to learn how to get poppin’ coils and skin with a bentonite clay mask.

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  1. How do you keep your curls over night? Do you wrap and what do you do to your hair the next morning?

    1. I sleep with a satin bonnet and gel my edges in the morning. I slightly lift my roots with a pick and spray my hair with oil when needed.

    1. I’ve been using them for a long time and haven’t had any issues with my hair drying out

  2. It seems like no matter what I use (eg: shampoo, conditioner, deep condition, hair lotion, oiling scalp, sleep with satin cap) my hair remains dry. I don’t use gels in my natural hair for fear of even more drying effects.

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