Black Hair Does Grow, So Don’t Be Afraid To Chop It Off

It's my 4th Naturalversary and I did a 4th Big Chop. Yup, I chopped it all off again. My biggest takeaway from my natural hair journey is...

4th Big Chop

Today is my 4th Naturalversary y’all. I cant believe that I’ve been rocking my natural hair for four years. What really amazes me though is the fact that I just did a 4th Big Chop. Yup, about two weeks ago.

Before doing this 4th big chop I completed a Q4 Hair Challenge. The goal was to not cut my hair for the fourth quarter of 2018. During the challenge I spent a lot of time in hats & head wraps. I just didn’t feel like doing my hair as it was getting longer and thicker, and required a lot more time and effort.

At the end of the challenge I had a full on ‘fro. The original plan was to cut down the sides and trim the top. But after cutting and styling my hair it dawned on me that I’d prefer not to have to spend so much time doing my hair. That I’d rather spend that time working on my goals, catching up on sleep… anything other than doing my hair for hours. So without blinking I decided to chop it all off. Again.

I’ve done multiple haircuts over the last four years resulting in some iteration of a Tapered TWA. I’ve even let my hair grow out relatively long a few times. But this is the fourth time that I’ve decided to chop it ALL off and it feels damn good.

4th Naturalversary


Not only does it feel good to be practically bald & care free. But it also feels good to no longer be obsessed with the idea of having long hair. Been there. Done that. I now know that my hair can grow long and healthy with proper care. Whether relaxed or natural. And I’m over the fantasy now that I’ve had long hair more than a few times in my life. So it’s time to embrace the fact that I may be a lifelong member of team #shorthairdontcare. Since no matter how many times I change my mind and decide to grow my hair out, I always come back. My biggest takeaway from my natural hair journey so far is the realization that black hair does grow. So don’t be afraid to chop it off.

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  1. This is so me. I can’t count how many big chops I’ve done. I’ve been there, done it all (long relaxed, big fro, locs, short pixie, colored, etc). Team #shorthairdontcare all the way!

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