I’ve Been Sleeping On The Side Part, But I’m Woke Now

I wore a side part religiously when my hair was relaxed. But I haven't really been wearing the look much since I've been natural. That may change though.

4C Tapered TWA with Side Part

I wore a side part religiously when my hair was relaxed. With a swoop bang. That was my go to  style to cover up my big old forehead when I wasn’t wearing a “Chinese bang”. But for some reason I haven’t really been wearing a side part much since I’ve been natural. I mean, I’ve rocked it a few times like here and here. But it hasn’t been a go to look. That may change though.

Tapered TWA with Side Part

Inspired by a style that I did on a recent hair client, I put a side part in my hair this time around and I love it. It’s crazy how this simple addition changed the look of my Tapered TWA and made it even more edgy. I pretty much wear my hair exactly the same week after week. In a simple, coiled tapered ‘fro. But I’m looking to find ways to switch up my hair as I attempt not to cut it for the rest of the year during my Hair Growth Challenge. Even if just a little bit .

4C Tapered TWA with Side Part

I’m not bold enough to cut a part into my hair though. Growing out the area would probably be a pain in the a$$ with the difference in lengths. Although my hair is so thick that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. To create this style I simply parted my hair with a rat tail comb, and coiled both sides in opposite directions using The Shingling Method. I’ll try to do a tutorial next time. Anyway, I’m actually excited to incorporate side parts into different styles as my hair grows out. Like a Perm Rod Set or Twist Out with a side part. I know my hair is going to look so dope!

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What are your thoughts on the side part? Yay or Nay?

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  1. I have EXTREMELY EXTREMELY course nappy hair. If there is such a thing I have 75c hair. I say that to stress how very course my hair is. It’s also very thick and dry. I’ve found NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING that will develop a curl pattern. Please help!

    1. Products will not make your hair develop a curl pattern. They can only enhance your natural curl pattern. You need to find a good deep conditioner to moisturize your hair, and a leave in conditioner sealed with oil to lock in the moisture. Then a good coiling jelly or styling gel will help to enhance your natural curl pattern.

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