I’ve Been Sleeping On The Side Part, But I’m Woke Now

It's crazy how the simple addition of a side part can change the look of a tapered cut and make it even more edgy. 
I've Been Sleeping On The Side Part, But I'm Woke Now

I wore a side part religiously when my hair was relaxed. With a swoop bang. That was my go to  style to cover up my big old forehead when I wasn’t wearing bangs. But for some reason I haven’t really been wearing a side part much since I’ve been natural. I mean, I’ve rocked it a few times like here and here. But it hasn’t been a go to look. That’s going to change though.

Tapered TWA with Side Part

I pretty much wear my hair exactly the same week after week. But I’ve been looking to find ways to switch up my hairstyle as I attempt to let it grow out for the rest of the year. Even if just a little bit. Inspired by a style that I did on a recent hair client, I put a side part in my hair this time around and I love it. It’s crazy how the simple addition of a side part changed the look of my tapered cut and made it even more edgy. 

4C Tapered TWA with Side Part

I’m not bold enough to cut a part into my hair though. Growing out the area would probably be a pain in the a$$ with the difference in lengths. Although my hair is so thick that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. But I’m not taking any chances. Watch my Tapered TWA With Side Part Tutorial to see how I created this style without cutting my hair.  I can’t wait to incorporate side parts into different styles as my hair grows out. Like a Perm Rod Set or Twist Out with a side part. I know my hair is going to look so dope!

What are your thoughts on the side part? Yay or Nay?

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  1. I have EXTREMELY EXTREMELY course nappy hair. If there is such a thing I have 75c hair. I say that to stress how very course my hair is. It’s also very thick and dry. I’ve found NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING that will develop a curl pattern. Please help!

    1. Products will not make your hair develop a curl pattern. They can only enhance your natural curl pattern. You need to find a good deep conditioner to moisturize your hair, and a leave in conditioner sealed with oil to lock in the moisture. Then a good coiling jelly or styling gel will help to enhance your natural curl pattern.

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