The Accessories You Need To Transition From Summer To Fall

I rely on accessories heavily during the Summer to Fall transitional season when the weather can be pretty inconsistent. Here are my favorites.

Summer To Fall Transitional Outfit

Fall has been teasing us with brief appearances here in NYC. Then Summer comes back with a vengeance for a few days, letting us know that she hasn’t quite bowed out yet. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to wear with such inconsistent weather. That’s why you need Summer to Fall transitional pieces. Especially accessories. I’m big on accessories all year round since they bring my minimalist outfits together. But during the Summer to Fall transitional season I rely on accessories even more heavily. Here’s some of my favorites…

Summer To Fall Transitional Outfit

The Oversized Scarf

An oversized scarf if perfect to get longer wear out of sleeveless pieces when it’s not quite cool enough for a jacket. It tends to be cool in the morning here in NYC, warmer in the afternoon, then it cools down again in the evening.

White Sleeveless Blazer Outfit

I wear an oversized scarf when I leave in the morning. Then roll it up and put it in my bag in the afternoon. I’ll put it back on in the evening if I’m out late. It also comes in handy for mass transit when the AC is blasting.

Summer To Fall Accessories Fedora

The Fedora

I love fedoras. They look so bad ass. I always switch from my straw fedoras to this wool one as the weather begins to transition from Summer to Fall. It pairs perfectly with vests, blazers and other menswear inspired pieces. As a bonus, the fedora keeps you looking stylish on a bad hair day.

Summer To Fall Accessories Mules

The Mule

Mules are a new favorite accessory of mine. I’ve been rocking the style non stop all Summer. I love them for cooler days as my toes sometimes get cold. So I can keep my toes covered while showing a little heel. I can also get away with not getting my pedicure done for a few extra days. I love this tasseled mule.

Summer To Fall Transitional Outfit


What are your favorite accessories to transition from Summer to Fall?

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