Natural Hair 101: How To Grow Out Your Natural Hair After The Big Chop

The hair question that I seem to get the most from you guys is "What do I do to my hair to make it grow so fast?" So here's some tips on how to grow out your natural hair after the big chop.

Grow Out 4c Natural Hair

The hair question that I seem to get the most from you guys is “What do I do to my hair to make it grow so fast?” The thing is, everyone’s hair is different. Some people have slow growing hair. While others have hair that grows like weeds. I cut my hair a lot. Hair grows faster when you cut it. At least that’s the myth. However, I believe that frequent trims just helps you retain more length since you’re getting rid of split ends, and minimizing breakage. So other than cutting it, what do I do to my hair to make it grow? The bare minimum. I’ll explain. Here’s some tips on how to grow out your natural hair after the big chop.

How To Grow Out Your Natural Hair After The Big Chop

Wash, Deep Condition & Moisturize Regularly

First you’ll need to choose products that work for your natural hair. Then you’ll need to figure out a routine that works for you. I usually wash & deep condition my hair every 7-10 days. And use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month to remove product buildup. I moisturize my hair using the LOC (Leave-In, Oil, Cream) Method. Lightweight, water based leave-ins work best for my hair. Like milks and lotions. As far as oil is concerned, I prefer Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Coconut Oil. For the cream portion of the formula, I use a styling cream or gellee. Then style with gel (preferably Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel) for hold. I believe my hair is average porosity. However, I have mostly type 4c so sometimes it can get thirsty. I use a spray bottle with water or a curl refresher spray to add moisture to my hair in between wash days.

Trim Regularly

As I mentioned earlier, trimming hair regularly gets rid of split ends. This minimizes breakage and helps you to retain length. I suggest that you trim your hair once per season. I do an actual haircut every season when I’m keeping my hair short, and taper the sides every few weeks. You may have to cut/trim your hair more often when wearing a tapered cut, depending on your length/shape goals.

Keep Heat Styling To A Minimum

Try to avoid too much direct heat on your hair, and always use a heat protector. My current favorite heat protecter is the ORS Black Olive Repair 7 Oil Elixir. I only use heat when I’m blowing out my hair for a cut. Or if I don’t want to leave the house with my hair wet. To avoid this, I style my hair the night before and let it air dry overnight.

Wear Low Manipulation Hairstyles

Remember when I said¬† that I do the bare minimum to my hair? I meant that I don’t mess with my hair too much. I wash, deep condition & moisturize my hair. Then style it in a Wash and Go using The Shingling Method. My hairstyle usually holds up to two weeks. To maintain the style, I sleep with a satin bonnet. In the morning I spray with water or curl refresher if my hair feels dry. I lift my roots with a pick if it’s flattened out, and gel my edges. That’s it. As my hair grows longer I wear a Perm Rod Set which can also last up two weeks. If I’m wearing a Twist Out, I do smaller twists so that the style will hold longer without having to retwist. And if I do a Chunky Twist Out, I retwist every 3 days. Bottom line, I don’t manipulate my hair too much everyday. This equals less tangling and breakage, and therefore more length.

Protective Style

Speaking of low manipulation hairstyles, you can’t go wrong with a protective style. Protective Styling gives your hair a break from daily manipulation so that you may grow out your natural hair in peace. I love Box Braids, Marley Twists and Goddess Locs. But you can choose whatever style that floats your boat. Don’t forget to prep your hair properly before getting a Protective Style.


A lot of people mention that they use hair vitamins for hair growth. I don’t take hair vitamins. I do however not so regularly take a Women’s Daily Multivitamin (currently using this one). My vitamins contain Biotin which is good for hair, skin and nails. Years ago I used to take a Biotin Supplement and saw results with hair and nail growth. However it broke my face out really bad. So if you decide to use Biotin you’ll need to drink extra water to flush your system. Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any vitamin regimen.

These tips should definitely help you on your journey to grow out your natural hair. Remember, hair doesn’t grow overnight. So take good care of your hair and have fun getting to know it as it grows out.

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments!

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