Do You Know What Today Is? It’s My Naturalversary

Sangin' in my Tony Toni Tone' voice lol. Today is my 3rd Naturalversary. I can't believe that I've been a Naturalista for three years already.

3rd Naturalversary

Sangin’ in my Tony Toni Tone’ voice lol. Today is my 3rd Naturalversary. I can’t believe that I’ve been a Naturalista for three years already. I won’t get all sentimental on y’all today. Been there. Done that. I’ll simply say that I’m still loving my natural hair. And I still don’t have any regrets on taking the plunge and doing The Big Chop. In fact, I even did it again. If you’re a newbie here, then you were probably thinking “damn, you’ve been natural for 3 years, and still ain’t got no hair?!!” Now you know why. But if you’ve been rocking with me from the beginning then you’d know that I’m clipper happy, and spontaneous.

Being clipper happy and spontaneous has been a good thing for me though. It keeps me experimenting and trying new things with my hair. This picture sums up the styles I’ve gone through in just the last year. Not including the protective styles. I’m not afraid to cut my hair off. It’s just hair it grows back. And I’m always willing to try a new style as life’s too short to have boring hair.

This year I’m trying my best not to cut my hair though. Well at least not as much. Only to keep the ends healthy and to maintain the shape. I’d like to see how I ‘d look with a longer Tapered Cut. Even longer than my longest. I’d also like to experiment with more styles, which requires me to have more hair on my head. In turn, I’ll have more hair tutorials for you guys 😉

Don’t hold me to it though. Remember, I’m clipper happy and spontaneous. I may randomly decide to do another big chop. Or even cut it all off into a fade (I’ve thought about it lol). So I won’t be making any promises that I know I can’t keep. All I can do is try. Don’t get mad if I fail. In the end, it’s my hair.

On that note, let’s make a virtual toast in celebration of my 3rd Naturalversary. *Lifts Glass* Cheers to three years of natural hair, and many more!

When is your Naturalversary? How long have you been a Naturalista?

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  1. I love your hair. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and it’s given me enough courage to try and taper my own hair. I’ve had to fire my barber and my poor hair is just all over my head. Wish me blessings. You inspire me.

  2. I love all these cuts!!! I was planning on cutting my hair. I was wondering if the cut in the middle at the bottom became the 6th picture after it grew it some.

    1. Thank you so much. The pictures are actually in sequence. So the middle bottom grew into the picture next to it. It would look similar to the 6th picture in between though.

  3. Your hair styles are fab. I have just cut my hair having going through menopause right now slowing down my hair grow. Can you pls recommend any hair products best for these hair styles pls

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