Shingling Method on TWA Tutorial

The Shingling Method is my new favorite way to style my TWA. It gives my 4C coils so much definition. Watch my video tutorial to see how to create the style!
shingling method on twa tutorial 4c hair

I have a new favorite way to style my teeny weeny afro and I just had to share it with you guys. It involves defining my natural curl pattern using the Shingling Method. Here is a detailed video tutorial. See how I refresh and keep up the style here.

Have you tried The Shingling Method?

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  1. This is just what I needed. My TWA is beginning to grow out and faster than I expected so this tutorial is right on time. How long does the style last?

  2. Awesome! What products do you use again? You mentioned a leave in conditioner that has lemongrass in it. So could you give me all the products you use please? I’m doing the big chop soon so would like to have my supplies ready for me to use! Thanks beautiful

    1. Hi Brandi. I mentioned the Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in, which I’ll be reviewing soon. I use different products depending on the mood of my hair. You can see a lot of them under the “Hair” category.

  3. Good gracious – your hair is gorgeous!! I definitely have hair envy. (However, due to extreme ‘hair laziness’ syndrome, I have locs: I wash them once a week and it takes me about 30m to moisturize my scalp and retwist these suckers)

    1. Unfortunately I don’t work out regularly so I can’t be sure. It should be fine as it holds up through extremely hot and humid days.

  4. Thank you sooooooo much for introducing me to the shingling method!!! My curls are popping! Yaaaay

  5. Thank you soooooo much for introducing me to the shingling method! My curls are popping!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!

  6. You are beautiful it is breath taking to see black woman looking glamorous,classy unique and sexy in our natural outstanding hair. You stand out and shine! Thanks for the tutorial I love them

  7. Watching in 2021 all the way from Zimbabwe, Africa! Do you blow dry it after you have finished shingling? Do you dye your hair black Erica?

    1. Hi. Nope, I don’t blow dry. I let my hair air dry. I don’t dye my hair black. This is my natural hair color ❤️

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