Fall Lip Pick: MAC In My Fashion

Let me introduce y'all to the latest addition to my lipstick collection, MAC In My Fashion. Trust I'll be rocking it all Fall. Oh, and Winter too.

MAC In My Fashion Lipstick

I haven’t been adding too many new lipsticks to my collection this Fall. Well at all, really. But I had enough empties for a free MAC lipstick. And I also spotted a shade unique to my collection. Which is pretty rare. Let me introduce y’all to MAC In My Fashion Lipstick. It’s the perfect vamp shade for Fall.

MAC In My Fashion Lipstick

MAC In My Fashion Lipstick

MAC In My Fashion Lipstick Swatch on Dark Skin

MAC In My Fashion is a darkened chocolate brown matte with cool undertones. Like Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder. It looks almost black. Yet somewhat grey. A little taupe. And kind of brown. That’s what makes the shade so unique. I really don’t have anything else like it in my collection. It’s the perfect shade for those who are afraid of black lipstick and need to take baby steps. If you can rock IMF with confidence, then you are ready to go full on black!

MAC In My Fashion Lipstick on dark skin

MAC In My Fashion applies pretty smooth for a matte lipstick. It has decent pigmentation, but you’ll need to layer it a bit for full opacity. I find this to be the norm for vamp shades if it’s not a liquid lipstick. Anyway, the lipstick wears well for a couple of hours if you don’t eat or drink anything. But if you do, you’ll need to touch it up immediately or it will look patchy. I’ve fallen in love with In My Fashion. I feel so fierce, fabulous and a bit mysterious when wearing it. So glad I added this shade to my collection for Fall.

MAC In My Fashion is Available at MAC Cosmetics $17.50

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