Thou Shalt Not Beat Thy Face Without Proper Makeup Lighting

It doesn't matter how much your makeup costs. Or what tools you use to apply it. Your application efforts will be in vain without proper makeup lighting.

Best Makeup Lighting

This is one of my most important beauty commandments. Right along with always removing my makeup before bed. And trimming my hair regularly. It doesn’t matter how much your makeup costs. Or what tools you use to apply it. Your application efforts will be in vain without proper makeup lighting. You ever thought that your face was beat… until you go outside and look in the mirror in horror? Foundation too light. Brows too dark. Contour too heavy. Blush not blended. That’s because you’re not using proper lighting to apply your makeup. The best lighting is always natural light. But if you prefer to do your makeup in the bathroom, you can mimic natural light by using daylight bulbs with Moen Lighting like the Iso Chrome Three Globe Bath Light.

Moen Makeup Lighting

My makeup lighting is the most important tool in my daily makeup routine. My beauty area is well illuminated with daylight bulbs, allowing me to beat my face to the makeup gawds every day. I have no worries about my makeup not being on point, as I was able to see every detail while applying. Proper lighting ensures that I am always putting my best face forward. So I can go out and confidently slay the day.

Always remember, thou shalt not beat thy face without proper makeup lighting.

This is a sponsored post for Moen. However, all opinions are my own.

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  1. So interesting!! Do you just have the daylight bulbs or the fixture as well? I’m trying to
    Get my beauty corner together. My vanity is near a window however more lighting can’t hurt lol.

    1. The fixture goes up in the bathroom. Since I rent, I’m not allowed to install it ?. But I have a lamp with 3 globes like the fixture that I use daylight bulbs with!

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