How To Wear A Headwrap To Work

How to wear a headwrap to work? Keep it simple & chic.Bold lips and winged liner are a must though. This is how I wear mine.

How To Wear a Headwrap to Work

So I read this article the other day about a woman who was banned from wearing headscarfs to work. She decided to dress up in Cosplay while the EEOC investigated the new dress code. This was a pretty clever way to deal with the situation, and the costumes were hilarious. But it really got me to thinking. Are headwraps inappropriate in the workplace? How do you wear a headwrap to work? I wear headwraps to work all the time. Most days this is how I wear mine and I’ve had no issues thus far.

Yellow Skater Dress Outfit

I started wearing headwraps to work to look decent on bad hair days, but it’s now one of my go to accessories. The look is so bomb, stylish and afrocentric. I never thought it to be inappropriate to wear a headwrap to work, but maybe it depends on how you wear it. I wear mine so that it looks fashionable and not like a scarf that you’d wear to bed. It’s not like I’d sleep in a cotton scarf anyway but let’s save that for another post.

padlock satchel

Now before you take the leap and decide to wear a headwrap to work, make sure you know your company’s dress code. I work for a university library and our dress code is pretty relaxed. We can wear sleeveless, hats, open toes, short skirts, show tattoos etc. Hell, the way some people dress I think I’d get away with wearing my pajamas and bonnet lol. I’d never do that though and always try to dress appropriately for my office environment. I bring a blazer when I go sleeveless. I try not to let my hemline rise too far above the knee. If my dress is fitted, I try to keep it below the knee. When I wear a headwrap to work I try to keep the rest of my outfit simple. Especially if it’s a printed headwrap. Other accessories are kept to a minimum. Like slim bangle bracelets, hoops, or small statement earrings. Sometimes a statement necklace.

How To Wear a Headwrap

Bold lips and winged liner are a must though.

How To Wear a Headwrap to Work


CUSTOM MADE PIOL DRESS (similar here, here & here)

LILIANA SANDALS (similar here & here)

F21 EARRINGS  (similar)




For this outfit I chose to color block with the colors in my headwrap’s print. This was a bold look for me as I usually stick to neutral colors, especially when I’m wearing a headwrap. The outfit is still simple yet chic.

Yellow Flare Dress Outfit

For me, wearing a headwrap is an expression of my culture and personal style, rather than just another head covering as some employers might see it. I will continue to wear my headwraps with pride and grace. They gone get this Black Girl Magic whether they like it or not.

Do you wear headwraps to work?

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  1. “They gone get this black girl magic, whether they want it or not”! I’m definitely using that one! LOL

  2. I’m a 5%er so my wrap is not negotiable. I find… That if you don’t make it a big deal, others won’t either.

    1. This is not always the case. Some workplaces with a strict dress code won’t allow them at all. The first time I wore mine, no one said anything. So I carried on 🙂

  3. Addendum: I wear mine all the time. I think when women wear them off and on is when employer/supervisors get preference options

    1. This is not the case at my workplace as I wear mine off and on as well. Probably every two to three weeks. I’ve only seen myself and another female employee (who also has natural hair) wearing them. She wears hers off and on as well but works in a different department. One of my student workers also recently started wearing them.

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