So Fresh and So Clean JHS Prom Outfit

Your child doesn't have to wear a traditional prom outfit. Give them the creative freedom to come up with a look that suits their personal style and taste.

teen boy fashion

It’s my boy’s birthday and my baby is 14 years old today! His junior high school graduation and prom was the other day so we did a photoshoot to show you guys his prom outfit, and swag. Esean is really coming into his own style and didn’t want to do the typical tux for prom. He wanted to go with more of a casual yet still stylish look, so I helped him to orchestrate this outfit. We coordinated his prom outfit around these Adidas Pro Model sneakers. I remember wearing these when I was his age, and now the kids are wearing them again. They’re classics and never go out of style. Most of all, they look so good with everything. I figured they would be perfect for his prom look and the Summer months.

adidas pro model


teen boy fashion

It is extremely hard to shop for my son because he is 6 feet tall and really slim. So I have to make sure that all of his clothes are slim cut and sometimes they are still too wide for him. In addition to this, his limbs are really long so we have issues with his pants and sleeves being too short. I had to send back multiple pairs of jeans for either being too big, too tight or too short. Yet in the end we found the perfect pair.

teen boy fashion


teen boy fashion

junior high prom outfit

His t-shirt says “Forget The Rules” and makes his feelings about his prom outfit choice very clear. You couldn’t tell the kid nothing. He was definitely feeling himself lol, but everyone loved his prom outfit. We did good.

teen boy fashion

junior high prom outfit

Looking at these pictures, I can not believe that this is my kid. He looks so grown. Seems like I just had him yesterday. Where’s my baby? I’m so emotional today. I’m not ready for him to grow up.

junior high prom outfit

I guess I better get ready for the girls calling. Ugh. I’m not ready.

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  1. I was going to say can he marry my daughter but I will shut up. He’s such an handsome young man. He cleans up nicely

  2. You should be so proud. You have raised a fine young man. Seeing that he has a style of his own and confidence to execute it ( quite well, I might add ??) shows what an amazing job you’ve done & are doing as a mother! Just wait until college. We’ll have to send you boxes of tissues. ? Be blessed and continue holding him up before the Lord my dear. Be blessed! ?? Linda

  3. What a handsome young man!! Totally digging the outfit. Congrats to you and your baby boy ? (they’ll always be our babies – my girl turns 14 in a few weeks… I nearly bawled my eyes out at her promotion ceremony. where does the time go?!)

    1. Thank you so much and congratulations to your baby girl. The time really does go by too fast. It’s unbelievable! 🙂

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